Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Syfy? It's an Acroynm for "Screw You Fanboy Yokels!"

SOURCE: Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name: Now, It’s Syfy

Clearly this is all part of a cunning plot to throw-off the people at Upset With Sci-FiChannel and force them all to register a new Yahoo Group.

I also love how someone has already registered "syfy" as a slang term for syphilis on Urban Dictionary.

EDIT: According to no less a luminary than Warren Ellis, syfy is actually a versatile Polish word meaning "zits, filthy and scum". My own research indicates that it literally translates to "poxes", according to The Free Online English to Polish Translator anyway. And numerous websites are reporting that syfy was already a Polish slang term for syphilis, but that may just be wishful thinking.

Still appropriate either way, whether it be poxes, syphilis or filthy scum.

EDIT OF THE EDIT: Penny Arcade Picked Up On This Too...


  1. Well, actually.
    It IS slang.
    In Polish syfy is plural of syf which means mess, crap, filth, shit, junk or pimple. It is short from of syfilis (syphilis) so it also means a venereal disease. In other words it's a swear word with very bad connotations.

  2. Re: Well, actually.
    *Homer Simpson voice* Those Poles have a word for everything...
    Seriously, if it turns out this was already an authentic piece of slang for feces before the ToplessRobot people attempted to enter it onto the Urban Dictionary... that's officially the greatest thing ever.