Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Story From This Past Weekend At All-Con.

I spent most of this past weekend at All-Con, helping my friends at Deranged Comics & Pipoca Bizarre with their booth. Got quite a few good war stories.

I feel safe in talking about this one since - while it is leading to an upcoming Deranged Comic - what I have to say is likely to be totally unrelated to the content of said comic.

At one point, I found the flyers for Doc and Halo's comics displaced by this other flyer. Lime Green. Far too large to honestly be called a flyer for something that didn't have a comic printed on it. And quite possibly the most gloriously insane thing I've seen in quite some time.

This group is for fans that have been upset with programming on the SCI-FI CHANNEL.

The cancellation of information shows like SCI-FI BUZZ, SF Vortex, Inside Space, Anti-Gravity Room, etc.

Putting on a program like John Edwards who claims to contact the dead that has been exposed as a fraud on several occasions.

Putting on movies like Braveheart, Cape Fear & Dante's Peak that DON'T fall into sci-fi, fantasy, horror category.

The SUDDEN CANCELLATION of their highly acclaimed series of FARSCAPE in September, 2002.

Putting replacement shows(actually GARBAGE) like DREAM TEAM, TREMORS:The SERIES, SCARE TACTICS on the SFC.

Many fans are upset with the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA mini-series coming in Dec., 2003 which has so many changes from the original like Lt. Starbuck & Lt. Boomer are now FEMALE characters instead of MALE characters which it was originally.

Many s/f fans are upset with the way the SFC management is running things especially with BONNIE HAMMER who has run the channel since early 2000.

This group is for you.

I checked this group out and it is - and forgive the generalization, but if anybody can say this without being hateful, it is me - a bunch of geeks huddling in basements, wanking-off at the fact that The New Battlestar Galactica is ending before bowing to a statue of Richard Hatch, singing praises that he is apparently backing a TRUE Battlestar Galactica Reunion movie while wailing that he is making it hand-in-hand with The Powers That Be at the Sci-Fi Channel before sinking into a quivering mess whispering "No... The Master loves us... LOVES US!.... Nobody loves you...GOLLUM! GOLLUM!"

For the record, Cape Fear IS a horror movie. A very good horror movie. It may not feature nude co-eds being impaled a machete or the razor claws of an undead janitor - but there ARE horror movies that don't feature copious amounts of blood and entrails just like there is science-fiction that doesn't involve aliens.

And Farscape... dear gods, the Firefly fans aren't this obsessive. Seriously! I asked a couple of Browncoats and they think you're sad.

And do I even need to begin to address the issues with a group that doesn't have any reason in their mission statement to hate Battlestar Galactica other than... oh my many gods... they're actually revamping the show to reflect the fact that women are allowed to hold combat roles in the military now, so why wouldn't the same be allowed in the future?

This is not meant to be praise of the Sci-Fi Channel. Not by a long-shot. I have very few hard and fast rules in my life but one of them is that the most horrifying words in the English language are "Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie". And we are talking about the people who thought it was necessary to make a sequel to the Dungeons and Dragons movie. That in itself should be a hanging offense in any geek court.

But come on! There's constructive criticism and then there's... THIS.

I think William Shatner said it best...


  1. I would actually counter the horror thing altogether. Since Sci-Fi/USA owns the horror station Chiller, there is no reason that the Sci-Fi channel shouldn't be showing just sci-fi and fantasy. God knows there's enough of it that they don't really NEED to be showing horror.
    And then there's all the shows they own the rights to and don't show... that goes for all three of their networks. Grrrr.

  2. No joke. The Space Channel survives on endless Star Trek returns - there's no reason we can't have Xena/Hercules on a constant rotation. Unless... wait, wasn't one of the Women and or GLBT stations showing Xena?

  3. WE did for awhile, I think, but I don't think a lot of people get that station either... plus that doesn't help those of us who want to drool over Kevin Sorbo :P

  4. Or Tawny Kitaen before she went all crazy crackwhore...