Monday, February 16, 2009

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 4, Chapter 3 - Building 26

Last Time: Peter, Matt, Ando, Hiro and Mohinder form X-Men Team Blue. Sylar gets a sidekick. Claire gets contacted by Le Resistance. Tracy winds up in "The Box". And Nathan finds himself alone at the top of a house of cards with an increasingly annoyed Noah Bennet on one side of him and a trigger happy psycho marine on the other.

7:55 - Still on MSNBC at the moment. Keith Olberman's interviewing Harry Shearer about the new HD-Intro for The Simpsons while discussing how the media will obsess over meaningless trivia while important news is neglected. This would be worrying if I weren't sure the irony was intentional.

8:00 - I just noticed how better lit the show is now. Either that or my new HD TV is really giving me a better picture.

8:01 - Hey! Lyle is still alive! And Noah is now a "consultant". That sounds about right.

8:02 - I think Mom/Sandra is rather suspicious about just how straight Claire and Noah are being about everything being normal now. And yes - Noah likes the Brown. ;)

8:03 - Yeah. I'm with Claire being rather skeptical about just how safe her family is now in ignorance compared to all the other times they were ignorant and "safe". And this is a cool idea - forcing Claire to live the secret identity lifestyle to stay under her dad's radar.

8:04 - The Haitan is still at large. And the psycho marine is trying to sow dissension against Nathan. Big surprise.

8:05 - Born To Be Wild. I like the soundtrack this season.

8:06 - "Okay, TECHNICALLY I'm a serial killer." Hee-hee.

8:07 - "A girl in a comic shop." Gods, can we please stop encouraging this cliche?!

8:11 - Um - Claire? I think he can hear you...

8:12 - Okay, I guess he couldn't. Guess Alex isn't a speedster or a flyer. And allow me to call bullshit on a comic shop clerk being able to own a car that nice, even in California. Believe me, I know.

8:13 - Not to nitpick but - if their accounts got frozen, how did Hiro and Ando get to India? Or does that only apply to the bank accounts of the heroes from the USA since Nathan and company don't want to set off the alarms of the Japanese Government that a rather notable and rich citizen has been kidnapped?

8:14 - I missed most of this thanks to my local NBC affiliate's random skipping-signal problem, but I got enough to sense that Ando just broke up the wedding that Hiro need to be at to get his powers back. Or so he thinks...

8:15 - I like this touch - Nathan getting put on the hot-seat explaining to the pencil-pushers exactly why he needs a few billion dollars for anti-freeze walls and heat-lamps.

8:18 - Oh gods, just what we wanted after Season 3 - MORE Sylar pathos. Gag me.

8:19 - Ummm... yes, go file charges! Get the attorney general! But don't - you know - do anything about the woman who is chained down and is being tortured RIGHT NOW! Insert "Typical Government Employee" joke here.

8:24 - Oh gods. Alex is Aquaman. Only without the fish-whispering.

8:27 - Go Ando! Even though I'm sure everything will work out the way it was supposed to in the drawing, Hiro really needed to hear that it isn't always about him. Again. Good thing because it looks like he needs Hiro's help.

8:28 - And yeah... Claire sucks at the secret identity thing. Of course we knew Bennet would figure it out sooner or later but I expected him to get it before Killboy Powerhead Psycho Marine did.

8:29 - Wow. Listening to all this talk about having a plan, motivation and not doing things indiscriminately... And to think I always had Sylar pegged as Chaotic Evil. Looks like he's more Neutral Evil. Or an acting coach.

8:31 - Another nice action scene here.

8:32 - Or not. So much for Sylad.

8:36 - Looks like the wedding is still on and Hiro will get his chance to play hero after all. And the stupid skipping is happening again.

8:38 - And we have the image. Hiro may not have gotten his powers back... but I think he DID learn how to be a hero without them.

8:39 - "Do you have any idea what will happen if they think I can't control you?"

"That's the thing, Dad. You can't." BURN!

8:40 - Why do I get the feeling Tracy is about to screw everyone over accidentally?

8:41 - *sighs* Can I call them or what?

Of course it would be too easy for Nathan's plans to fall apart THIS early in the season. And thankfully, this isn't totally unbelievable since Tracy has no reason to believe that anyone would come to rescue her after having been abandoned three times in a row (Peter, Nathan, and wasserher name the new pencil-pusher)

8:43 - I just realized - no Matt, Mohinderance or Peter so far in this episode. This bodes well for the promise to limit the number of storylines per episode this Series.

8:46 - If only it truly were this easy to get full government funding for necessary government programs.

8:47 - And yeah... Claire using the one screw she has left to twist. I didn't think she'd get to this so soon but good on her for doing it.

8:48 - Oh SHIT! The one person on the show who is even worse to make angry than Noah... Sandra.

8:49 - And wow... never occurred to me that Noah might be being blackmailed into helping Nathan. Or that Nathan purposely let Tracy escape so that he could save his plan. David Xanatos has NOTHING on Nathan right now. That's the evil manipulative bastard we know and love.

8:50 - And yeah... THIS is the Sylar we know and love. I think I can tolerate the angst from earlier given that I'm pretty sure that "Memory of My Dad" thing was a total bluff. And here's Sylar... getting Sylad for his powers. Waste not, Want Not, after all.

8:53 - Good boy, Hiro. Lesson learned. Too bad you couldn't have learned this last season before you started screwing around with your dad's safe because you were bored with your current destiny. But hey - whatever works at this point.

8:55 - Ummm... okay, granting that Claire had a point and that he DOES deserve to be kicked out... he's still going to be on the show, right? Right?

8:56 - And Claire is hiding Alex the Comic Book Guy in her room? Can you say "lucky bastard?"

8:57 - Oh crap... he DID save Sylad? No way! He's just keeping him warm because a second set of eyes is useful now, even if he DOES have a Government Tracking computer and one of their radios. Soon as he meets his dad... all bets are off. Ah well... at least the music is still rocking. Talking Heads for the win.

8:58 - Oh crap. Nathan didn't free Tracy - it was Killboy Powerhead? I take back my previous statement of approval. I thought it seemed a little too out of character for Nathan to actually plan something like that.

8:59 - Is that Matt who did this? Because this totally echos how Bennet caught Matt back in Season One.

9::00 - Oh, it is! Oh dramatic irony!

The Final Verdict: Despite a few pointless twists at the end that played with things a little TOO much, I enjoyed this episode. The cool moments (Sandra laying down the law on Noah, the kick-ass action scene with Sylar and Sylad vs. a crap load of federal agents and that last scene with the three we didn't see all episode) more than off-set the iffy ones. And things are looking VERY good heading into next week with an episode that will reportedly be All About Bennet.

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