Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 1/14/09

Light week this week.

FABLES #80 - Ouch. Sucks to be Boy Blue. Not only did he get the most thankless job during the war... not only did the woman he turned out to have fallen in love with turn out to be a shape-shifted witch instead of the woman he fell in love with... not only has the other woman he fell in love with not only shot him down only to turn around and get a whirlwind marriage to a virtual stranger... but he's lost an arm and is about to die from a wasting sickness thanks to him taking a bullet (well, arrow but let's not quibble over ammo) meant for Bigby Wolf. There had better be a miracle coming or I'm going to be very glad they finally put the shlub out of his misery.

Still... great comic. You should be reading it. Yadda yadda yadda.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #32 - There is much about this comic to like and a lot to be annoyed about.

GOOD: Somebody besides Geoff Johns finally remembered that Kyle Rayner can match Hal for willpower and easily outflanks him in terms of imagination. So in the first three pages of this issue, Kyle gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome as he, within a matter of seconds...

a) throws off Kryb's mind-control formula through sheer force of will.
b) blasts Kryb away from the Green Lantern who is about to give birth.
c) restrains three other mind-controlled Green Lanterns
d) creates a machine to cleanse his fellow Green Lanterns of the mind-control formula Kryb infected them with

GOOD: Judging by the number of empty rings flying around Salaak's office, quite a few Green Lanterns are resigning in protest over The Guardian's stupid Third Law that Jedi... er Green Lanterns are not allowed to love one-another, physically or emotionally.

GOOD: The Star Sapphires we see here appear to be competent, love-powered warriors and this one - at least - has a sensible outfit compared to the Witchblade armor Carol Ferris was last seen... "wearing".

BAD: Random attractive blonde alien Green Lantern is killed after trying to kill a relatively helpless Kryb. Score one more for the WiR list.

BAD: The Star Sapphire's apparently have some ability to give a person visions of their True Love. While this isn't any sillier than the Hope powers we discovered were granted Blue Lanterns last week, I do object to the rather sudden revelation that Kyle and Katma Tui replacement Soranik are apparently destined to fall in love with one another. Partly because it's a blatant rip-off of what happened to John Stewart/Katma Tui and partly because it is so out of left-field.

BAD: "Love is not meant to be a battlefield." Yes it is. Dr. Joan Jett has done considerable study upon the subject declaring it to be so!


  1. Yeah, this was a thin week. I had to buy a box of miniatures just to spend a respectable $20 this week. ;)

  2. Just one? They're half off if they are the minis I am thinking of.

  3. Admittedly, I haven't read all of the GL Corps series... I am trying to catch up, though!