Monday, December 8, 2008

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 3, Chapter 12 - Our Father

I am trying to look at the positives.

Mohinderance is definitely a bad guy beyond redemption at this point. Sylar is back to being an evil lone wolf, as he should be. Nathan is back to being the asshole brother while Peter is back to being the idealist trying to save the world. And Bennet was such a bad ass last week - even granting for the bit where Hiro saves him and his family - that they have had to redefine the definition of the word bad ass to accommodate just how bad ass he was.

Tim Kring writes his first solo script since the Season 3 premiere. Can he begin to turn things around?

7:36 - No skipping pictures this week. I think we may have an honest-to-goodness Live Blog this week!

7:56 - Still clear so far.

8:01 - Yeah - that's about what I'd sound like if I were to meet Hayden face-to-face. Not Japanese - asking about train stations and bathrooms.

8:04 - Huh. I called it. Hiro is the catalyst - not Claire. Maybe.

8:05 - So Hiro's mom had a power too. She's a healer. Then if Dad being a probability manipulator is still in continuity (it got revealed in one of the extra scenes on the Season 2 DVD) then it's pretty much a given his sister would have a power too.

Sorry - this came up in conversation with friends earlier in the week and how the questions coming up regarding supporting characters we don't see are more interesting than the main storyline.

8:08 - Okay. I HATE seeing Elle gone as she was one of the few characters who actually had a story that was going somewhere AND because I love Kristen Bell. That said... it's good to see Sylar back.

8:11 - Why do I sense that Peter is going to try and pull a Luke on Arthur's Anakin?

8:12 - Hey, who's the blonde? Oh yeah... I forgot Ali Larter was still in this show!

8:13 - Oh snap! Nathan pulling rank on his dad... of course we know this will end in tears, even if he is insisting that he is going to do good with his dad's plan and chews Tracy out for working behind his back.

8:14 - Intelligent Design - ha-ha-ha!

8:16 - You know - it's a good thing the Dr. Who paradoxes about touching your past self don't apply here. I'm still sure that going back in time to teach your mom how to handle a baby probably isn't a good idea.

8:18 - Hmmm... Human Lie Detector. Cool power idea we haven't seen yet. And wow... "This won't hurt a bit.... got me!"

8:19 - "Cake!" I've missed the evil Sylar. :)

8:23 - Huh. Nathan actually screening each person on his army personally. You might actually think he's making a serious go at this.

8:24 - "If only I was more than human..." Yeah. NOT a good sign.

8:25 - "What are you, a cop?" Hee hee. And yeah... telepathic cop wins again. And hey - they found that sketch-book awful fast.

8:26 - Yes. Thank you Daphne.

8:27 - So for those of you keeping track a 28 year old man with a 10 year old mind is pretending to be the chef in the house he grew up in. And yeah... he's getting to hear his dad insult his actual 10 year old self. Amazingly, this synchs up really well with what we know of Hiro's childhood in Saving Charlie.

8:29 - I'd be worried if there were anything Bennet could actually do to hurt Claire.

8:34 - You know... this will probably cause bad things to happen but... damn this bit with Claire and her dad as a young man is a good, touching scene.

8:36 - And this also - with Hiro and his Mom - is also a good and touching scene.

8:41 - Mr. Kring? I can't say that all is forgiven after everything that your negligence caused this season. But after that 10 minutes of TV... I'd like to give you the chance to try and fix it.

8:45 - Another nice scene. The Haitian saying that silence betrays someone. Discussing what it is to make someone powerless and to kill your family...

8:47 - For those who are wondering how Arthur knew to be there to stop Claire and Hiro, because I know SOMEONE is going to ask? He's a precog, remember?

8:49 - Okay... glad as I am to see Hiro alive... that's such a cop out. Still, it's nowhere near as contrived as most of what has happened this season... so yay another character I like not being killed off senselessly!

8:51 - It looks like the goo from Ghostbusters 2.

8:54 - You know... they could have given The Haitian a gun too in case Peter wussed out. I'm just saying.

8:56 - Why am I expecting a repeat of that scene with Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man?

8:57 - Oh sure... NOW Mohinderance learns to use test subjects first instead of injecting himself.

8:58 - Well, he broke the glass with his chair but... yeah. Definite Dafoe moment.

8:59 - So, good news... Arthur is stopped and Sylar isn't really a Petrelli and Peter - I think - has his powers back. Bad news - Nathan is giving superpowers to potentially unstable grunts under the guidance of a power hungry temptress and the world's most incompetent mad scientist.

The Final Verdict: Kring reminded us of what made this show great in the first place - the relationships between the characters and how great power just makes life complicated. For the first time in a long while... I'm really looking forward to next week's show.


    Its cutting off the end of each episode I don't want to record my own worst enemy to see it >_< this is the third ep in as many weeks this has happend.

  2. 8:47 - For those who are wondering how Arthur knew to be there to stop Claire and Hiro, because I know SOMEONE is going to ask? He's a precog, remember?
    In that case, how did he get back to the past in the first place? He didn't finish stealing Hiro's powers (as Hiro still had them). I guess that could be past Arthur (which has interesting implications as to who got killed and how that effects the timeline), but be didn't have precog abilities yet. Right?
    I've got a headache.

  3. In that case, how did he get back to the past in the first place?
    Same way he got the precognitive abilities - through Peter.
    When he stole Peter's power, he also stole all the powers Peter ever absorbed. Remember how Arthur made a lighting ball ala Elle right after he hugged Peter and drained his power? That's how we know that not only did he depower Peter - he also got everything Peter had.
    Which means - in addition to having Issac's ability to draw the future (which we also see Arthur use), he ALSO had Hiro's ability to teleport and time-travel, which Peter had copied. We saw him use the teleporting when he went after Hiro in the first place and erased part of his memory.
    My question is - was Arthur trying to erase Hiro's mind intentionally? Or was it just a side-effect of Ando interrupting the power-draining .process?

  4. At least you got to see part of the show. I hadn't been able to watch any of it live for two weeks.

  5. Ah! That makes sense.
    If Arthur could time travel, I don't see why he didn't just kill Hiro right there. Maybe Arthur was trying to brain wipe him to make him into a servant so he didn't have to do all of the time travel work.

  6. I think he probably was going to kill Hiro right there. He was just trying to take his power first because he's paranoid like that.
    Besides, since Time Freezers seem to be immune to other people freezing time (Remember Peter being unaffected when Hiro stopped time to stop Adam in Season 2?), it's not like Arthur could just freeze time and cut Hiro's head off or something.
    Yeah, the more I think about it, the 10 years old thing was likely an accidental effect.

  7. A more interesting question is how she was apparently able to cause ear-bleeding through a brick wall and yet the thug she beat up apparently survived.