Monday, October 20, 2008

Two things from the HEROES Comics it would have been nice to haverevealed on the show.

1. Hiro's genius sister (the one who was supposed to take over Yamagato Industries in Season One) quit her CEO job in order to take over stewardship of The Yamagato Fellowship - an organization her father created, dedicated to promoting the ideals of classical heroism in modern life. (Revealed in Issue #72 - Past Experiences)

2. The exact reason Future Claire is so down on Future Peter is because he had a vision of millions of people dying because of The New Company she was a part of and that he decided it was better for 200 scientists and Company employees to die to save the lives of millions. This is probably also why Future Peter was so desperate to time-travel backwards in time to try and prevent things from getting to that point in the first place. (Revealed in Issue #106 - Resistance)

Incidentally, something you may have missed... the pins Future Claire and Future Daphne are wearing are the same symbol as in the Pinehearst Research logo. And that is where Mister Petrelli is apparently being kept hooked up to life-support.

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