Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Scene I Think Is Coming on the next Episode of Heroes.

How are they going to resolve Hiro killing Ando?

(Enter Hiro and Knox. Adam and Maury are sitting at a table)

ADAM: Ah. You're here. Maury brought me up to speed. Where's your friend?

HIRO: I killed him. To prove I am bad ass.

ADAM: Really? Where's the body?

KNOX: Still in the van.

ADAM: Let me dispose of it for you while Maury fills in our new partner.

(Exit Adam. Camera follows him as goes down a hall into a lab and palms a syringe)

(CUT TO: Back of van. Adam injects Ando with a syringe full of his magic healing blood.)

(Ando heals and sputters back to life)

ANDO: - what the! Hiro, how could you?!

ADAM: Yes. How could he? See now much your friend values your friendship? How important it is compared to him being a hero and getting what he wants?

ANDO: Yes... but how...

ADAM: Shhh... Plenty of time to explain later. For now, I need you to get out of here and wait for me. We'll get our revenge on Hiro soon enough...


  1. I'd still prefer if Hiro had a plan that would ensure Ando was still alive instead of "sacrificing" Ando.

  2. I don't know about that. I am more expecting that Hiro did something sneaky. His powers would let him.

  3. The big sticking point was me figuring out how he could get around Daphne. See above.

  4. Well, good news. I was wrong and he DID have a plan.
    And best of all - I figured out how he was able to do it without alerting Daphne. Because since she was moving at normal speed, he could outrun her.
    Take that Heroeswiki!