Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 3, Chapter 4 - I Am Become Death

So tonight, we're supposed to get clarification on just what is making The Future suck this time.

Will Mohinder's formula cause super-powered people to range out of control or is it just wishful thinking on my part that my second-least favorite character could be responsible for destroying the world?

Will the secret formula that Hiro was trusted to protect have dire consequences or just turn out to be for Kaito Nakamura's secret fried chicken recipe?

Is Tracy Strauss part of a secret cloning program? If so, who do I contact about getting my very own Ali Larter?

All these questions and more will probably just raise further questions...

8:01 - Mohinder. Worst vigilante ever.

8:02 - Tracy, Niki and Barbara? No Jessica? And is the formula the one Hiro's dad has?

8:03 - Ah. So The Company is involved... even before he said he forgot the details.

8:04 - So... wait... anyone can see the future if dopped up?

8:05 - Four Years In The Future. Okay...

8:06 - Okay. Could be Mohinder. Could be Kaito's formula. Line drawn between people who were born with powers and the ones who were "made"? Odd...

8:07 - Huh. Haitian is there with Claire. Guess that's why Future Peter isn't healing. So she IS working for The Company in the future. But what happened to the powered/normal pairing rule?

8:10 - Huh. Knox and Daphne with Claire. So... huh. What side is Claire on? And did she say Mallory or Molly being the only one able to find Peter?

8:11 - Level 2? When did Hiro and Ando get moved up there? And isn't that a bit dangerous with the guy who can teleport?

8:13 - A telepath? No, nothing so obvious. Huh. There goes my new theory on Maury Parkman being behind this.

8:15 - 10 to 1 Mohinder's formula makes people more reptilian... aggressive. That rash is his body becoming more scaly. R-wave stuff, like Grant Morrison

8:16 - Hmmm... Continuity Point....when did Peter find out that Mohinder changed addresses? Rattling noises. Think I got it in one.

8:17 - Okay. Sylar has a power they don't understand... and it's the key to stopping the old mistakes. His power to understand things? Or something else he took from someone else?

8:19 - Yeah. I'm having pretty much the same reaction as Peter here.... shiny, happy Sylar?

8:24 - Waffles! The return of the waffles! Clearly waffles are the key to a well-balanced mind. How else can you explain that all the good guys have been eating waffles?

8:25 - Ha! So his power IS knowing how things work. But Peter didn't just absorb it before the way he always does? How is THAT possible? And yeah... I STILL don't buy Sylar is a Petrelli brother. And who is the mother of Sylar's son?

8:27 - So... Daphne is Matt's wife and mother of his kid and he's raising Molly. Think we know who the blonde in the painting was now. So... wait... she's with The Company? Or did The Haitian leave it to join Claire's team?

8:29 - Ah, okay. So Sylar's power gives you an intrinsic understanding of causality. So - in theory - Peter can figure out how to change what without any guesswork.

8:31 - Whoops.

8:32 - COMMERCIAL! Ah... thought this car commercial was part of the show for a minute.

8:36 - Maybe I missed something. Did Hiro even try to teleport out?

8:37 - Hiro needs an entry at SuperDickery.

8:38 - Mohinder is oozing a slime trail. Too easy a thing to joke about.

8:39 - I know what I have to do now... huh.

8:40 - Okay... I have no idea who/what Linderman is but this is really starting to get annoying.

8:41 - Maybe the Linderman as Clarence theory has come credibility after all. I.E. Lost soul trying to earn his wings. Thing is... can I even BEGIN to justify a bastard like Linderman working for the side of good? Not even. Cool rescue though.

8:45 - "So.. uh... you can fly?" Possible line of the week.

8:46 - Wow. From First Kiss to First Lady. Is it too outrageous for me to think that is Sylar masquerading as Nathan again?

8:50 - Okay. If they actually turn Peter crazy evil... this is going to piss off the fans, big time.

8:51 - Hmmm... if Peter kills Sylar in the present so that he can't get Sylar's power in the future, then that will prevent his future self from going around trying to get Sylar's power. But then.... Wait. If Peter is able to figure out how to stop causality problems now because he has Sylar's power... then killing Sylar would, assuming that the timeline can hold together... solve almost everything. Right?

8:55 - Funny how Molly doesn't seem to have aged at all in four years.

8:56 - "You don't read much, do you?" THAT is line of the week.

8:57 - Matt's totem is the Turtle. Yeah. Slow, stupid and looks like a rock. Makes sense.

8:58 - Ha! So Kaito's formula is the same as what Mohinder is working on... only it actually works.

8:59 - And the key to solving all of this is... Adam?!


  1. I would watch "Cooking with Gabriel" any day of the week. Spinoff NOW!

  2. On waffles. Can't forget the waffles!

  3. I love that Syler named his kid "Noah".
    I like Parkman dammit!
    I am also all for "Evil Peter".

  4. Sorry, but Matt is third only to Mohinder and Maya in general rank stupidity. At least, he has been since Season 2.
    Hmmm... now there's a theory. Mohinder's power is instilling stupidity in other people.
    I read a great new nickname for Mohinder by the way. Mohinderance. :)

  5. I have decided that I hate Peter new Sneer Face even MORE than I hated his Season 1 haircut. And I really and truly LOATHED that stupid haircut. Seeing Sylar chop it off when he was attempting to cut open Peter's head was one of my top 10 moments of Season 1. Like #3 maybe...

  6. I'd talked about this on some forums, so here's a cut/paste of it:
    Yeah, I don't know what it was about this episode. It wasn't horrible, but man, was it just me or were there a lot of TERRIBLE acting moments? Future Peter, particularly was bad. Future Claire was starting to grate on me, like "We have to make her dark. No, darker. DARKER, damnit!"
    Future Sylar, on the other hand? God, that cracked me up. Instead of blowing up, though, I was hoping for an unleashing of a whole bunch of different powers. Guess I'll have to keep hoping in his case and Peter's. Though, I like the idea of Peter getting the hunger.
    Tracy falling for Nathan? Predictable as all hell. Seeing them seconds later as president and first lady? Not so predictable and saved it.
    Future Mohinder? Okay, has anyone seen the Lost in Space movie? Terrible, but had its moments. The doctor in that turned into a space spider...thing...toward the end and man, I was getting a lot of vibes off of that from 'ol Suresh here. Not in a good way. Also, what was up with the weird personality switch with Maya? She went from "angst angst, my power kills!" to "forget the formula, because I'm perky and showing off my boobs now!" Does she have a secondary power to change her entire personality after getting laid?
    If the episode didn't end with "Hiro, you son of a---!", I honestly might have written off the show entirely. That and Future Sylar were the saving graces of this week. But still, I think I'm starting to see some of the problems others had with the show

  7. Yeah, I'm with you. This is the first episode where it seemed like they really are making stuff up at random rather than working from a bigger plan.
    Let's make Claire evil! But wait.. let's build up to it being Peter's fault. And then have it so she doesn't feel pain. And then make the whole creepy incest thing with her and Peter even creepier by putting her in a Dominatrix outfit and have her enjoy causing pain...
    Am I the only one wondering where Noah is in all of this that Claire is allowed to go this far? I'm pretty sure - judging by Future Sylar naming his son Noah - that Noah died in the line of duty, but it's just one of the big questions I have that make me think they didn't think through a cool idea all the way.
    Like Shiny Happy Sylar. Cool idea.... but who is the mom? And where is she in all this? And why didn't Future Sylar survive the explosion when it's been well-established that a person with a power is immune to the effects of that power? (i.e. Firestarters can't be burned. Radiation emitters can't be burned. etc) And if nothing else, Sylar has Claire's power, so he should be able to survive ANYTHING....
    As for Maya, I didn't notice the personality change. I don't think she ever HAD a personality to change. Then again, I kinda tune her out whenever she shows up on screen. Is it too much to hope that maybe she is leaving Mohinder and walking out of the show forever?
    And here's the big question bugging me... what the hell happened to Caitlin? Peter's girlfriend from Ireland? The one that got stuck in the bad alternate future?

  8. Yeah. They are moving WAY too fast on turning Present Peter into Future Peter. We all see where this is going.... how Future Peter showing his present self how bad things are and dying is what leads Present Peter to go over the edge and start becoming more Sylar than Sylar.

  9. You know, I have a theory about Little Noah. It's going to be silly, but given some of the crazy stuff we've already seen...
    ...what if Little Noah is ACTUALLY Noah? What if someone has the power to de-age someone? Heck, it'd explain why Molly's still the same age four years later. :p
    The lack of Caitlin resolution bugs the hell out of me, too. That's a major loose end that it feels like Peter's just all forgotten. Then again, at this point, there's a chance we'll start seeing alternate universes. Heck, they've got one for each season so far.

  10. I didn't say he isn't stupid. I said I like him. I am a huge Spider-man fan, and I can admit Peter Parker(man?) can be a huge idiot. it is part of the character. I just find the dude unassuming and kinda charming.
    Mohinderance I can get behind though.

  11. they prevented that future so she never ended up there??
    also .. Penis cured Maya and make her happy clearly she just needed to have a romp with Snakie... oh dear god maybe she's pregnant with his snake babies.

  12. Also..
    I was also like.. 'um Molly wasn't that young last season, she looks just the same.. which makes no sense as she should be early teens at the least.' But I thought Daphne's death was pretty awesome really, made me quite like her where I was on the fence before.

  13. I was also wondering what happened with Peter's girlfriend from Ireland....

  14. Actually, I had another question: Claire shot future Peter and he died..... I thought Peter had Calire's power, which should have prevented him from dying. Unless, if the scar is an indication, he somehow lost the power. Which leads to another line of thought: What if Peter can only "store" a finite number of powers, then loses one when he gains a new one past that? That would actually be good if they did that.... it would prevent Peter from turning into a frikkin mythological deity. Right now he's got the potential to be the most powerful thing ever created, with Sylar following a close second.
    I do kinda wonder if the writers took all the money they made last season and invested it in large ziploc baggies full of weed though... some of the writing seems to support this.