Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Awesome Quiz...

This one from Marionette!

1. A current obscure title that nobody else has heard of, which goes to show how cool you are for being aware of it. - Ex Machina. Some may say that it isn't obscure, but I have it on the good authority of Philadelphia Daily News comic critic Jerome Maida - whom I took to task for calling the concept of Green Arrow as a superhero mayor unique and original - that he can't read every obscure title that comes out. Of course I don't consider a book that's first issue won multiple Eisner Awards to be obscure... but hey, what do I know?

2. A title that everyone has heard of but doesn't think is that special, but for which you have a cunning argument for why it is cool. - Green Lantern Corps.... because Green Lantern is awesome... so a book about lots of them should be even more awesome!

3. A title that everyone already knows is cool, just to show that you have some common ground with the rest of comic fandom. - Green Lantern. Because Green Lantern is awesome.

4. A golden age title that nobody else has heard of (you can make one up if you like as there are lots of short lived golden age comics that sank without trace). - Madame Fatale. Because if there is one thing this world needs, it's a comic about an actor who fights crime by disguising himself as an old woman and then beating criminals up. He'd scare criminals straight because... well, would YOU keep mugging old women if there was a chance of getting beat up? :)

5. An indie comic that nobody else has heard of because only 5 copies were ever printed. - Here Come The Big People. Maybe not a comic with only 5 copies... but it is hard as hell to find... appropriately enough for a comic written by the original Crow T. Robot.

6. Some outrageous kitchy light-hearted silver age element that could only be reused today with heavy-handed symbolism or knowing self-reference. - Any story featuring the original Trickster, James Jesse.

7. A comic, or particular run of a comic that has been out of print for at least twenty years, which you can lobby for collected reprints of. - Mike Grell's Green Arrow.

8. A title you think must be very cool because you completely fail to make any sense of it. If it's a manga, you can't even work out whether to read it left to right or right to left because it makes as little sense either way. - The final issue of Chuck Austen's Superman run. I defy you to make sense of it!

9. A hideously expensive deluxe collection of some title . I mean if people are going to pay hundreds of dollars for it then it must be good, right? - The Starman Compendium Vol. 1. I already have all the single issues - but I must haves it!

10. A comic so obscure that it was never actually published. Or even written. - A Red Sonja/Tyris Flare fan comic I drew when I was 12. The less said about the contents the better.


  1. I'll have to do this one later when I'm at home and can look at my Really Obscure Indy Comics Box for some answers...

  2. I'm amazed anyone actually did my quiz, but I should have known you'd be up for it.
    I thought of you recently when I read the whole of Starman, which is 98% amazing. It only loses the 2% because there are parts where interesting stuff happens annoyingly off-stage in a different comic. Even though I looked up other comics to fill in the gaps, I have still been unable to locate Starman's first meeting with Stargirl.
    BTW which is the issue of Superman you are talking about? I'm all intrigued now and feel the need to look it up.
    Marionette (who does not have an LJ)

  3. Stars and Stripes #0? Unless they met someplace else first I'm not aware of...
    And the Superman comic in question is Action Comics #825. It has another writer's name on it... but it's Chuck Austen without a doubt. By that point, he dropped the sales on the title so low that his name was poison to Superman fans. Small wonder since he...
    * portrayed Lois as an evil bitch with no redeeming features
    * broke up Lana Lang's marriage and had her become a complete slut, trying to ruin Clark's marriage to Lois.
    * wrote Superman like Spider-Man.
    But this issue... in which an army of Gogs travel back in time to kill Superman... who is joined by a suddenly emotional and capable of speech Doomsday, who fights by his side because he is curious about his newfound emotions and doesn't want anyone to kill Superman before he can so he can see how he'd feel about it...
    And then Superman dies and there's an alternate future where.... well, it took me reading the summary at to figure this one out but... it is bad. Like bad fan-fiction bad.

  4. Whoa ... Robinson on any Starman is a good thing. As long as we don't have him writing about orgies between whatever Starman he does write about ...