Monday, September 29, 2008

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 3, Chapter 3 - One of Us, One of Them

Okay. So we already know from the commercials that Sylar and Bennet become partners. That seems to be the first of the big "unexpected alliances" that is supposed to come out of this episode. But who else is teaming up or switching sides?

8:03 - I still think Angela is screwing with Sylar's mind rather than really being his long-lost biological mother. She's evil either way though.

8:04 - Oh yeah. Peter going Donnie Brasco - deep, deep cover - to stop the bad guys.

8:06 - Yeah. We saw this coming even without the previews, but yeah... Noah don't look happy.

8:13 - "What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?" Heh.

8:14 - Yeah. Hiro and Ando are carrying the show again. And hey - there's a Haitian!

8:15 - "I wind up the victim." Well, you're being written by Jeph Loeb, sweetheart. That's pretty standard.

8:16 - Okay. DEFINITELY not Niki. And we're heading back to New Orleans. I see a big freak out for Micah and family.

8:19 - Yeah. Does it speak bad of Parkman that I care more about the African painter guy than I do him right now?

8:23 - "Is he really?" That is the question, isn't it?

8:25 - Funny how Hiro doesn't consider the real Bruce Wayne option. He has his dad's fortune. She's a mercenary. Make her a better offer.

8:26 - Cool. Fuege state painting again. And man - how much does it suck for him that he keeps having to paint some lame white guy half a world away? Wonder who the blonde was supposed to have been?

8:29 - Heh. Agent Hanson. Name of that blonde FBI chick who was partnered with Matt in Season 1. Classic.

8:33 - Yeah. Peter being a hero. An idiot, but a hero.

8:35 - That was a fast trip. Damn. Niki DID die, I guess. Remarkably good condition for someone who died in a fire though. I suppose we'll never get an answer to that medium question now.

8:36 - Heh. I love how nonchalant Micah is about the whole situation being weird. "Yeah, kinda". And for a genius, he sure is quick to trust a stranger with the secret of his powers.

8:37 - Damn. Guess she IS a long, lost twin. Lame...

8:39 - Nice bullet time effect. You'd think Peter would trust his future self. I mean, it's you, right? Still, it looks like we are building to a big explanation for "this is why you can't take your past self to the future to show why they are being stupid".

8:41 - The look on Noah's face? Priceless.

8:47 - Think Meredith was a Company Agent at some point? She sure seems to know a lot about psychological warfare for a welfare lady on the run.

8:48 - Huh. I guess Claire does need oxygen. Another possible way to kill her? Suffocate the brain?

8:50 - Yeah. Noah REALLY not happy about this. And the fear guy got away. Nice to know Sylar isn't changing though. I'd have to scissor kick a bitch if they turned him good.

8:54 - Heh. Claire actually doing normal girl stuff? Don't you believe it!

8:55 - Hmmm... Matt finds a woman and she dies. I just thought... blonde woman.... could that be Audrey Hanson from Season 1?

8:57 - Oh man... Boys in Brazil. Or Girls in Beverly Hills. So she's not a lost twin but... a clone? I guess it makes sense, Ali Larter being the perfect Aryan Uberwench and what not...

8:58 - Nice one, Hiro. *sighs* As if we had any doubt left that Angela was full blown evil. Ten to one she's the one employing Daphne.

8:59 - Yay, Noah! Kill that psycho!

Final Conclusions: Lot of questions answered, though I'd still like to know...

a) how is Future Peter putting other people - body and soul apparently - inside other people?
b) who is paying Daphne to get the formula?
c) is that a red herring re: people getting powers artificially? Or is this really all Mohinder's fault?

Speaking of which, no sign of Mohinder or Mays in this episode. And there is much rejoicing. Yay!


  1. Mebbe the body/soul thing is what niki's actual power was? Next HELL YEAH OMG when HRG said 'then I'll kill him' I was like.. and there was much rejoicing. Honestly I was enjoying Sylar playing nice, but I liked that ultimately he went right back to what he was. Poor Francis Capra, it would have been a nice post Veronica Mars gig for him. I don't know if i like the idea of Daphne being employed by Angela,after all that was angela's half she stole. Though it wouldn't be the first time that they screwed with that kind of red herring. And yes much rejoicing as for no Mohinder/Maya. Though I have to admit, he was kinda hot last week... >_<

  2. ...
    That's BRILLIANT! I can't believed I missed that the Peter in another person's body thing....
    And when he looked in the mirror he saw someone else...

  3. I know Claire is still a newbie and suffocating is terrifying, but there was a very simple way out of the fire box. She should have let herself "die" from lack of oxygen. At that point her mother would be out of air as well and out of oxygen to make fire. Either way, once the fire is gone, the container would either gradually refill with air, allowing Claire to heal or implode opening it suddenly to air and having the same result.
    Then again, if a part of Claire's mom's power is producing oxygen to make her fire she's screwed.

  4. That's an interesting question actually, re: immunities to the relative affects of your power. Would a fire-starter be more resistant to oxygen deprivation, since - assuming the laws of physics function in a similar fashion in the HEROES universe - there has to be some kind of fuel for the fire and the oxygen around them would be the first thing to go?

  5. I doubt Angela is the one who hired Daphne. Why would she get Daphne to steal from the Haitian when the Haitian is already getting the other half of the formula?
    Now it seems that whoever hired Daphne has both halves of the formula...

  6. The way The Company operates and you don't believe she'd hire a Freelancer to rob their own employee as part of a secret scheme?
    Granted... there's not any other founders Angela needs to answer to at this point, so there's no need for secrecy. But I dunno...