Friday, September 26, 2008

Stephen Colbert, SHAME ON YOU!

How can you stand by and allow your name and image to be sullied by the godless heathens who did not respect the sanctity of the Spider-Marriage?!

SOURCE: Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man And… Stephen Colbert?!

Note To Marvel: Sorry. Not even bringing Mark Waid in to write Spider-Man and teaming him up with Stephen Colbert will get me to spend money on one of your crummy comics.

Now, if you can pay my girlfriend's medical bills... THEN I might start reading Amazing Spider-Man again just because it would be rude not to after that kind of generous act of charity.


  1. I think if I was offered the chance to be in a comic swinging next to Spider-Man, I'd probably sel out too.

  2. *shhhhhh* ;)
    So would I... but only as part of my cunning plan to get my baby's bills covered.