Friday, September 26, 2008

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 9/24/08

AMBUSH BUG: YEAR ONE #3 - This is probably the most coherent issue of Ambush Bug ever. Mind you, that doesn't mean it's any less crazy or nonsensical. After all, how can you possibly apply the word sane to a story that features...

* Ambush Bug having a drunken Vegas wedding with Inferior Five member Dumb Bunny.
* Ambush Bug - in a scene that just might be a swipe at the MARVELous competition of DC Comics - attempting to make a deal with Neron to take his marriage out of continuity.

* Ambush Bug impersonating the Kryptonian God Rao while shouting into the Bottled City of Kandor.
* Darkseid singing Tom Jones in Karaoke! And an appearance of Darkseid's long-absent wife Tigra!

* Superman's pet Super-Turtle going mad and attempting to destroy the universe.
* The revelation that Arrowette was dating the Super-Turtle in an effort to get more screen time. (Say it ain't so, ! Say it ain't so!)

* Ambush Bug getting more face-time... with the severed head of Pantha!
* Ambush Bug teams up with Jerro The Merboy (He's one of Supergirl's ex-boyfriends. Seriously.)
* the introduction of the greatest new character in years: Major Spoiler of 27th Brigade Grenadiers

I demand a monthly Ambush Bug title. Because in these troubled times, we need more comics that are willing to mock the comics that need mocking.

FABLES #76 - Mike Allred artwork and Gepetto dealing with a normal day in Fabletown. Much much greatness.

JACK OF FABLES #26- For a book with Priscilla on the cover, she's barely in this issue. And considering that she's supposed to be the shy, not-popular sister... well, I guess that's meant to be ironic. But it's hard to say in a story where manifestations of literal concepts are rounding up and/or destroying manifestations of legends and the whole thing is narrated by The Fourth Wall what is ironic or not. Still... good book.


  1. I was really happy with this issue of Ambush Bug. After the first two felt kind of off, this one was nothing but hits. I think my favorite part was the first page with the Source Wall, talking about his wife.

  2. has confirmed that its all true. So sordidly true...
    Orion's mom was named Tigra? Really?

  3. I continually enjoy the fact that Fables never tries to make things easy for their storylines. Gepetto has not been, and most likely will not be, magically forgiven for his crimes, and that's how it should be. I thought the next-to-last page with the All-seeing guy was especially well done.
    I'm not quite sure what the hell is happening in Jack, but I'm still enjoying the ride. I've even got the husband excited for it, having introduced him to the digression that is Babe the Blue Ox.

  4. True. The other two had their moments (I loved the fridge shopping scene in #1 - "do you have any WITHOUT a woman inside of it?") but this one hit it out of the park with each swing.

  5. Everyone loves Babe the Blue Ox... even if the concept was ripped off from - of all people - Jim Davis.
    Seriously. I distinctly remember an entire series of Garfield laying face down in a soup bowl and thinking of different scenarios involving the position - from a murder mystery to Jaques Costeau.

  6. Cissie ... why oh why did you go back to that costume?