Friday, August 22, 2008

Writer's Block: Your Favorite Series: One Last Go Round

Night Court.

They had the perfect ending set up at Season 8 and filmed a final episode. Then NBC decided they didn't want to cancel the show after all. Season 9 started with a sudden reversal of everything that happened at the end of Season 8, restored the status quo in a haphazard two-part episode and then set about putting everything back where it was... at least until the end of Season 9, when things changed once again and the ended the show with...

*Harry getting numerous job offers and declining them all because he decided he was doing the most possible good where he was.

*Christine getting elected to Congress.

*Dan quitting his job so he could devote himself to proving that he was a good man to Christine.

*Mac quitting his job and law school to become a filmmaker, after his video of Bull's wedding was accidentally released to a local Independent theater and became a Rocky Horror style camp classic.

*Bull leaves with two aliens from Jupiter, who need a tall guy to reach the things on their high shelves.

*Roz... umm... reassuring Harry that she'll still be there even as everyone else is moving on.

Somebody needs to resolve all of that. If nothing else, they need to bring Bull back to tell his wife what happened. I picture Bull having become, not only the "reacher of high things" but complete warlord of Jupiter!

I admit this would be silly. But would it honestly be any sillier than most of the things that happened on Night Court?


  1. Wow. I don't even remember this.
    But much Night Court love. Dan was quirkily funny, Roz was eminently sane, everybody else was ...kind of nuts.

  2. The final episode kinda came and went really quickly.
    According to, the cast was told the show had been canceled with a note that also told them to clean out their dressing rooms by the end of the week.
    It should have ended they way they had it set in Season 8... with Harry and Christine getting married, Dan joining the priesthood and Roz getting a job in a Turkish prison.
    I have most of the episodes on tape, but I don't have any of the Halloween or Christmas specials because A&E cut those out of regular viewing when they reran the show a few years ago. In fact, I just discovered a Christmas special I've never seen that sounds hilarious - Dan becomes an unwitting and unlikely hero when it falls to him to convince a suicidal Santa that Christmas is still a wonderful time, even as everyone else - the usually cheerful and happy ones - are screaming about how bad the holidays are.
    The sad thing is we'll probably never get the series on DVD, even though it part of NBC'S Thursday Night line-up during their golden years. From what i heard, the series on the 1st Season set that HAS come out were so bad, NBC refuses to collect the rest... even though the cast changed five times during the first season and all the Night Court fans I know agree the show didn't get good until the 3rd/4th season.

  3. Man, I loved me some Night Court back in the day.
    Fun LJ by the way -- found it by accident, but I have now added you to my friends' list so I can keep track of your geek madness. :)