Thursday, August 28, 2008

Commentary on HEROES: Season 2 DVD Extra

Part of the extras included a Sneak Peek at Season 3 as well as the alternate ending (i.e. original ending before the WGA strike made them step things up to end the season early) and a discussion of what would have happened had they had a whole season to work with instead of a mere eleven episodes, along with footage of what they had shot "just in case".

Good news - even though it's all but been confirmed at this point, I still feel it worth noting that Niki is still on the show.

Bad news - though there's no reason for her not to be other than The Producers listening to fan demand, Maya is still on the show.

Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet) says that some of the "good" characters we've seen so far are going to go bad. As they were interviewing him, low, inhuman groans could be heard from a stage behind him where they were filming and he intentionally got quiet so we could hear it better.

The guy who plays Bennet is even scarier when he's grinning like a school boy and trying not to laugh.

Coleman also promises that the story for Season 3 will involve time-travel as well as "alliances between characters you never thought would join forces".

We see Peter, with the scarred face, as he appeared in "Five Years Past". We know at least one episode is set in an alternate future... same one as before, but slightly different?

Ali Larter says that Season 3 is going to see her paired with a regular who she hasn't worked with much on the show, but who she really wanted to work with. She also says her role this season is "undercover".

First episode will open almost where the last one ended, with Matt and Peter chasing down the person they think shot Nathan.

Bennet will start out trapped in Level 5 - The Company's prison for the biggest threats.

Mohinder and Maya are going to start out partnered, with Molly having been hidden away "somewhere". Probably with Matt, since this scene is supposed to take place 3 days after Sylar escapes.

Hmm. Molly, Matt, Mohinder, Maya. Lot of M names there in that arc.

Speaking of Matt... he will further deal with the morality of his increasing powers and his new-found abilities to mind-control as well as mind-read. No word on if he will go over the line yet, but his actor hopes he will get to go bad.

Well, the short version is that The Virus gets released. Peter doesn't catch the vial after Adam drops it when Hiro teleports them both.

Peter, Matt and Nathan leave The Company bunker under Primatech Paper and find several civilians bleeding at the pores and lying in a near-dead state. After trying to do what they can to help the two infected people they find, Nathan says that the only hope they have is to quarantine the city.

Naturally, the cops are skeptical about the story of a pandemic man-made disease, even with reports coming in of multi-car pile-ups and a student passing out for no obvious reason. Nathan sends Peter off to try and warn the local doctors, figuring that it's best for the person with medical training to try and be there to help them figure things out. Matt uses his powers and gives himself a nosebleed, mind-controlling all the cops into listening to Nathan.

Unfilmed, but shown in storyboard, is a very kick-ass scene where Peter uses his telekinesis to cause a controlled landslide, blocking one of the major bridges out of Odessa.

The reporters show up, wanting to know what is going on as the mayor seems completely clueless. Nathan tells them to look for a city official or whoever is supposed to be in charge. The reporter sarcastically tells Nathan to look around "because it's you".

A press conference is thrown together and Nathan tells the world about the virus being released and talking about the brave people of Odessa who are sealing themselves off to save the world. Another great speech. Another great performance.

The season ends pretty much the same way except that instead of Nathan getting shot, Nathan visibly weakens during the speech and finally passes out, with Peter and Matt trying to push back the crowd. And this time, Claire, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, Molly and Maya are all watching the news at that moment and learn about the disaster they were trying to prevent happening anyway.

Odessa would have been successfully sealed off. Natural people tried to flee and naturally they get gunned down by the National Guard. Peter, Nathan and Matt get trapped there. Mohinder goes down to Odessa, being the expert on the virus that he is. Claire goes there, looking for Nathan and Peter.

Maya's "plague" power was supposed to expand to being able to absorb viruses as well as expelling them. She was either going to die after saving the world or survive and become Mohinder's love interest.

( Slight pause while I wretch at the thought of the idiots those two will breed. )

The man we saw explaining everything to Peter in the alternate future where the Virus was released would be revealed - in the present - to be a CDC official AND a double-agent for The Company. The CDC actually managed to get everything under control thanks to Matt, Peter and Nathan... but The Company wants the whole of Odessa destroyed to cover up everything.

Elle continues to track down Sylar, who killed one unidentified person.

We see Sylar go after a man who survived a sky-diving accident unscathed, who apparently has unbreakable skin. Good news: Sylar can't cut him telekinetically. Bad news: that makes Sylar get creative, apparently pulling the brain out through the nose. Elle finds him but he is somehow able to vanish before she can corner him.

Elle asks Bob why she got this job instead of another agent. Bob says he did it because she was the best he had. Would be rather touching if he didn't slam the door on her after she said "I love you."

Sylar kills a woman with a Chameleon power (i.e. blending into backgrounds). Hmm... guess that DOESN'T explain how he's getting away if he wants that one.

Elle goes to a locked-up Bennet, saying that Sylar has killed four people now and asking why her dad is sending her after Sylar alone. Bennet points out that standard procedure is for agents to work in pairs and that her dad is very anal about "the rules". Basically, Bob is using Elle as bait for Sylar so that her "partner" can take him down. Naturally, Elle isn't too thrilled by this accusation and splits in a huff.

Hiro, convinced that no good can come of his using his powers... having failed to save Charlie AND his father and having created the threat that was Adam "Kensei" Monroe and being indirectly responsible for the virus being released... vows never to time-travel or even stop time again. Not even to save Ando from throwing himself into traffic. Of course, he does save Hiro without his powers... and then chews Ando out for being foolish.

And then... the shocking opener of what would have been episode 13.

The Company Office in New York, trashed.

Hiro lies in the hallway, impaled on his own sword. Monica and Micah lie dead in the hallway, next to one another... both with wounds to the chest. Matt is propped up in a swivel chair, his throat slit. Peter's body falls through the broken window he was stuck in, his body bruised, bloody and slashed across the chest. And then we see a masked man... strangling Clair with one hand as he lifts her up off the ground as she kicks helplessly.

The figure throws her to the ground and closes in as we cut away to a dead Noah Bennet, his glasses broken on the ground.

We cut back to the masked man as he drags Claire's body away, her severed head lying on the ground looking up.

Angela Petrelli walks down the hallway, looking shocked. And then four figures rise up before her. They are all dressed in black. Adam Monroe. Niki Saunders. Maury Parkman and an African American man who I don't think we've seen before. And then suddenly, Sylar is behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders....

And then Angela wakes up in the back of her car... obviously disturbed.

(Hmm... looks like we know where Peter's weird dream vision at the end of Season One came from...)


  1. Yeah I figured maya would be around. Mebbe she'll be there to die at somepoint... darn. But I had that same theory about Jar Jar

  2. How was the "what might have been" presented? I'm assuming they didn't get to film all of this.

  3. Well, it looks like - based on the preview - that the Mohinder/Maya romance may happen anyway. Which - comic cliches being what they are - means that she's got a greater chance of dying so he'll be motivated to do something further down the line.
    Is it bad that I'm wishing for a character to be "fridged"?

  4. Actually, save for the one storyboard scene of Peter, I described everything they DID film.
    It started out with Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb talking about the alternate ending to "Powerless" (which is available elsewhere on the DVD intact) which intercuts with their explanation of how the eventual ending they used was different from the ending they had planned.
    Amazingly, the only real change they made was to the Matt/Nathan/Peter storyline. Everything else - Sylar's escape, Niki's seeming death in the explosion, Claire seeing Peter and Nathan on the news... none of that had been changed.
    The first three paragraphs of what I wrote - through "The Company wants the whole of Odessa destroyed to cover up everything." describes what Kring and Loeb describe was "the plan". Everything else I describe afterward is the footage they had shot for episodes 12 and 13.
    They said that there wasn't any place to reuse some of that footage in the story they are doing now... but I suspect they may be able to slavage the Sylar scenes, if only because his method of dealing with a man with unbreakable skin is brilliant.

  5. Starry, did you read Fallen Angel this week? They riff on the "fridged" deal.

  6. DAMN ow. Mebbe she can die doing something... you know.. heroic like.. mebbe

  7. No. I don't read Peter David comics. It's much better for my mental health that way.

  8. As I said, that had originally been their intent. Maybe.
    And I know that sounds bad - me WANTING a character to die. Believe me. But Maya is the most hated character to be introduced into a franchise since Jar Jar. I have yet to meet a single HEROES fan who likes her and who did not cheer when Sylar shot her in the last episode of Season 2.

  9. I kind of feel offended since I love his old Hulk runs, X-factor/Madrox, and Fallen Angel so much.
    In the issue Moloch is torturing Violens, and tells his Chief examiner that he needs to slow down or else she wont be worth much. Then says "maybe I should put her in a refrigerator, I hear that is all the rage these days" or soemthing to that affect.

  10. Yeah, I'm dying to see that scene now!

  11. I have yet to meet a single HEROES fan who likes her and who did not cheer when Sylar shot her in the last episode of Season 2.
    I'm just passing through via Google, but... you've met one now. ;) Cheers!

  12. Well, David does know WiR. After all, he's the man who killed Betty Ross while he was getting divorced because she was his wife's favorite character...