Friday, May 2, 2008

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 04/30/08

DC UNIVERSE #0 - The good news is I don't feel ripped off because - thanks to the generosity of Lone Star Comics in South Arlington - I didn't have to pay for it.

The bad news is... well, this preview book isn't worth 50 cents. And while I don't seem to be as overwhelmingly gloomy as some of my colleagues in the blogging community about some of the revelations to come forth here, I must admit that I can't see this doing much to build enthusiasm for Batman: R.I.P. or Legion of Three Worlds.

I am, however, repressing a mad cackle at the idea that Gail Simone appears to be getting ready to write a Wonder Woman vs. 300 Spartans story. And Blackest Night is looking better and better.

But as for Final Crisis... ah, well.... they've been hinting at it enough. And with Bucky and Uncle Ben back it's not like anything is truly sacred anymore.

Check it out for yourself:

EX MACHINA #36- I don't know who this new "villain" is, but I think I'm in love.

GREEN LANTERN #30- Secret Origins continues as we see Johns further revamp and modernize the classic "How Hal Jordan Became Green Lantern" story while reconciling it with Alan Moore's story "Tygers", all while foreshadowing quite a bit of the upcoming "Blackest Night". The one downside is that if you're not a Green Lantern fan, this may be impossible to keep up with if you haven't been reading since Sinestero Corps War.

JACK OF FABLES #22- Another divergent tale as we hear a story of Jack in the Old West as he turned bandit and lawman Bigby Wolf shows up to bring him home. I can't imagine there being anyone reading this book who isn't also reading Fables... but on the odd chance that there is, you'll want to pick up this issue too.


  1. wait what barry? God please no.

  2. What? You act like everything they've done with The Flash since Geoff Johns left the book has been a horrible, nightmarish step backwards.
    Oh right!