Sunday, April 20, 2008

But When Worlds Collide, said George Pal to his bride...

SOURCE:DC Comics Vs. Mortal Kombat game in the works

Is Frank Miller involved in this? Because Batman throwing Sub Zero through stone walls definitely seems like Goddamn Batman in action.

I dunno. I think this will be a glorious train-wreck. Fighting games for DC Comics don't really work that well - something I remember all too well from the famous Justice League Task Force game which could end - seriously - with Green Arrow fighting Darkseid to save the universe in a one-on-one duel.

Still... Black Canary vs. Sonja Blade. That has possibilities.


  1. Green Arrow vs. DARKSEID?!
    *bwa ha ha ha*

  2. Actually, he's an effective character to use against Darkseid in Justice League: Heroes. Just buff up his Explosive Arrow power and stand back while using a meat-shield to hold his fire. :)

    I finally have a reason to buy an xbox or ps3..
    well only if Dinah is in it.. that would be SWEET.

  4. Yeah. I'm debating an X-Box 360 purchase now since it would be cheaper than upgrading my computer and still allow me a means of experiencing Age of Conan as well as the new Conan action game.
    Yes - Hyboria with all the sex and violence intact, as Crom intended...

  5. ehh...I mean so what if the game can be decided by Green Arrow vs. Darkseid? It's a video fighting game - it should be judged on how good the gameplay is and how much fun it is, not whether or not GA could really win the fight in the 'real' comic book universe. Every video game based on comic books has discrepancies like that.

  6. Actually, a Green Arrow/Atom team-up killed Darkseid in Grant Morrison's JLA. :)