Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nice little present to come back to.

It occurs to me I forgot to link to this before the break.

SOURCE: Atheists Outraged By Film Trailer

I felt inspired to satire after some of my kids at the library and I were discussing The Golden Compass and why Atheist Parents don't feel inspired to protect their children from the "evils" of the Narnia books and movies.

So I wrote this in an hour. And despite my request that it be posted to the movies section of Inside Pulse, it was posted to the comics section.

However, this hasn't stopped two things from happening.

1. It hasn't stopped my article from being found. According to my editor Manolis, that article is the most-read article in the history of however long Inside Pulse has been keeping track of site hits.

2. It hasn't stopped various conservative types from thinking the article was real until someone with half a brain pointed out that none of the organizations quoted in the article exist.


You'd think that the fact that the atheist organizations acronyms being L.O.S.T and D.A.M.N.E.D would be a dead giveaway that the whole thing was a joke, even ignoring that this article is on a Comic Book News site.

You'd THINK that.


  1. Everyone knows atheists are a giant, secret army out to destroy Christians. And maybe those other faiths too. You know, the losery non-Christian ones...

  2. Yeah. Somehow I've never heard about the grand Atheist plans to destroy Judaism.

  3. The British organization's acronym was M. F.U.C.K.E.R., for Pete's sake!

  4. Brilliant. The power of parody at it's best.

  5. And it had one of the most unwieldy names in the world... something usable only by a hack writer out to make a cheap joke. :)

  6. Now, now. Some of my best friends are theists, including me, myself and I!
    Well, deists are theists...

  7. I'm not a praying man, but if you can hear me - SAVE ME SUPERMAN!

  8. I think this is more properly satire, than parody. Parody, by its' nature, is not subtle. Satire, by its' nature, is.
    But thank you for the complement either way. :)

  9. What I should have said is that Invisible Dad Theists are lame. First Cause Theists are fine. Hell, I might even be one. It's the Invisible Dadists that are so screwy.

  10. I don't even mind the idea of an Invisible Dad, as you put it, since I know a large number of people who do actually follow the ideal of "It's Nice For Me To Be Nice, Whether or Not I'm Supposed To Or Not". Its' the organized groups who say "The Invisible Dad Told Me To Kill You." that worry me.

  11. My problem with Invisible Dad worshipers is that they are inherently fascists. Even the Nice Ones are inclined towards deistic fascism and the imposition of religion on the masses. Of course, I'm horribly skewed, being an atheist in Kansas City, just miles from Westboro Baptist Church.

  12. I can see how that sort would skew you.
    But bear in mind, from one who knows having lived in Texas most of his life, that the Westboro Loonies are the exception and not the rule and that every honest Christian I know disavows the actions and tactics of those people.
    If nothing else, do you really want to be tarring all Christians with the same brush when what annoys you about the WBC types is how black and white their own morality is?

  13. Honestly, while I do have my problems with Invisible Dadists/Monotheists, the real problem is that these sort of discussions take on a shrill tone when done online. Trust me, there would be more levity in real life.

  14. The article was pretty subtle, and stupid people (especially stupid religious people) tend to believe whatever is presented them no matter how unlikely (e.g. faith healers, transubstantiation, the virgin Mary on a grilled cheeses sandwich).
    A day late and a dollar short,
    ML Kennedy

  15. See, maybe this is just my standard... but I don't think having groups called DAMNED and LOST is all that subtle.
    Then again, I don't suppose Johnathan Swift thought anyone would ever ask him what spices baby was best prepared with.