Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Going On Vacation!

Due to my writing time this week falling in the zone I plan to spend driving to see my folks and then driving back from seeing my folks, I'm closing up shop until next week.

Have A Happy Holiday Season!


  1. Well, there's also the matter of...
    a) All the comics I get this week being stuff I get for my girlfriend... except for JLA #16.
    b) My not actually having the free cash to spend on comics until after the holidays since I need to pay for car repairs and such before driving to see my folks.
    Call me crazy for thinking a new tire that doesn't leak is more important than me posting a Red Sonja review that basically says the same thing as every other review I've done of the book for the last month (More Sonja - Less Lame Supporting Cast!)

  2. Surely you didn't take my snarkicism seriously. ;P
    I went to the doctor today instead of the comic shop. So, I don't even know what came out.

  3. Nah, not really. But I thought you'd appreciate the other reasons.
    Not that it matters since I broke down and got my comics yesterday anyway...
    My girl-friend has three different throat injuries right now. I think she could use the reading material! :(