Monday, October 22, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 5 - Fight or Flight

Wow. The first episode without Claire. Ever. Good thing, too. This was busy enough.

Matt/Nathan - First of all, I so called it last week!

Papa Parkman is a high-level telepath. That's why he could sense Molly trying to find him. That's why he was able to make Angela attack herself in prison. The only other question is... who was the hooded man? An illusion to implicate someone else? Or has he gotten beyond mind-reading and mind-manipulating to mind-controling?

Also... Matt moved, in Silver Age Sentinels terms... from Rank 4 Telepath (read ordinary surface thoughts by concentrating) to Rank 6 (can "talk" to a non-telepath at normal conversational speed)

Peter - Obviously he was very busy during the last four months. And Veronica Mars wants him... which would normally be a good thing if she weren't apparently psycho.

Monica/Micah - cute moments, though not much happened save that they know what one another are now. Didn't expect to see "You Know Who" on the doorstep at the end..

Mohinder/Molly/Niki - Mohinder is still the "too smart to be this stupid" character - he's going to free Niki... and no one will be suspicious that the woman who checked herself in and was strapped down got away and he didn't get killed? I'm still not buying Niki as a DiD sufferer...

New Prediticion: Jessica will tell Mohinder what is really going on between her and her sister.


  1. I've forgotten. Which is the "evil" personality, Niki or Jessica?

  2. Jessica is the evil one.
    Although the way Niki's been written this season, it may as well be "smart blonde"/"dumb blonde".