Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 4 - The Kindness of Strangers

Ah damn. Sylar really WAS stuck in the middle of nowhere. And he is powerless. And he did just kill Candice for nothing.

And yet I am sad about this - why? Because it means that he won't kill The Wonder Twins and take their storyline somewhere interesting.

Well... at least he's speeding the process of their eventual demise. We can hope anyway.

Nathan is growing on me. I think it's the beard. He looks like Leonidas. Still dunno what's up with what he's seeing in the mirror.

Huh... Matt's dad is in the Company and he's "The Nightmare Man". And Bob is one of The 12. Didn't see that coming.

My new prediction? Matt's dad is a telepath as well - but an uber-Professor X level one who can hear across state lines and do more than just "hear" thoughts.

I like Monica - because hey - always nice to have a non-dependent female character to throw off the averages on the next WiR study. Plus, photographic reflexes are the most useful superpower ever.

Claire and West - so adorable. Shame that the whole thing will end in tears because a) he'll realize who her dad is and why she didn't want him coming home to meet the folks or b) Noah will find out about him and go ballistic.

Actually, scratch that - he's already one bad day away from locking Claire up in her room again... like that's worked so well before. Not that you can blame the guy for taking the most direct route possible to prevent his own death once he's handed some pretty damning evidence that it is forthcoming.

My new prediciton? Noah winds up dying willingly to save Claire and West from someone else in the future. Or at least, that's what is supposed to happen. We all know that these paintings have a way of not working the way they're supposed to.


  1. Claire/West is squicky just because its all about her daddy issues. I mean she's making out with a guy who has her "real" dad's powers? C'mon! Plus he's such a tool...

  2. Tool schmool. I like the guy. Of course I argue for "the greater lie is the more believable" theory of con-artistry myself...

  3. Am I the only one that sees West working for the Company a mile away?
    And how did Sylar get from the middle of a tropical jungle to Mexico? My geography sucks, but I'm pretty sure there's no lush, tropical jungles in Mexico. Not THAT lush, anyway.

  4. Actually, the Lacandon Rainforest in Mexico is one of the thickest in the world.
    And I'm not buying it on West being a plant. It's a little TOO obvious. Oh, Angela is trying to keep tabs on her granddaughter!
    Oh, he flies like her daddy! Oh, he could be the Company assassin!
    Why is it so hard to believe he's just an ordinary kid who got screwed over by The Company just like Claire?

  5. Off-hand theory: "Painting" will end up actually being Sylar, who has the illusion powers activate. When they (Sylar, Maya and her bro) hit the US, it will be on the CA border. Because events happen they way they do in Heroes, Sylar will see Claire and maybe even daddy in CA. Since Sylar is still injured, but still has the ability to steal/"fix", and because Claire escaped him last time, he will definitely be interested in a rematch (Not just to get Claire's healing abilities, but a shot at paying back daddy has got to be just as interesting to him...because Sylar's just that fucking evil).
    So he approaches, "Smallville"...oh wait, West, intervenes. Id's him as "guy who fucked me over", and ends up offing daddy, but not before Sylar does the whole "I will now reveal my true form, before killing you, little Claire." to Claire (Again, because he's that fucking evil), so Claire will realize that boyfriend is really offing Sylar (They'll sort out who's who afterwards), and end up engaged in lip lock/teenage hero love embrace over Sylar's "dying"(?) body.
    So just as long as nobody says "There's no way he could possibly survive that." within earshot of Sylar at that point, that should pretty much take care of that little picture "prediction".
    Now watch this entire theory get blown apart next week, LOL.
    Thanks for reading :)

  6. See, I just think we're going to see Painting #7 and it's going to reveal Bennet paying a homeless man to put on a Mission Impossible style Bennet mask and walk around the house for a few days.