Friday, October 12, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 10/10/07

Faster than usual this time as I had little to read this week and little to say after having had my catharsis yesterday. :)

FANTASTIC FOUR #560 - A strong finish for McDuffie, involving more action in one issue than most comics have in six. I reccomend this series, once Traded, to anyone - even non-Fantastic Four fans. It made for an interesting counter to McDuffie's recent work on JLA and presented the first work I've seen where the Black Panther/Storm marriage actually seemed to work.

GREEN LANTERN #24 - Okay. I'll admit this comic - and all of Sinestro Corps may be hard to get into if you aren't a Green Lantern fanboy. There's a lot of backstory and quite a few obscure characters and in-jokes that pop up in the background all over the place. And I love that kind of thing - it makes me want to study more and see what else I'm missing.

I realize not everyone is like that.

Still, I would put it to you naysayers out there - those who think this series is too "fanboyish" or "continuity dependent" - to deny the sheer unadultrated awesomeness of John Stewart paraphrasing the most famous line from the film Lean On Me in the middle of a battle with the God of Fear.

"Parallax... right now... I don't have to anything but stay Black."

WONDER WOMAN #13 - I wish I'd looked at the cover before I bought two copies of this. I could have sworn that Gail Simone's first issue was supposed to be #13. Instead I got a J. Torres filler-issue that appears to just be setting the status quo for next time. Not bad for all that, but I demand Gail Simone now!

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