Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Final Thought On Birds of Prey #109 Really!

Looking around at scans_daily and The Comics Nexus boards this morning, I have found something quite heartening.

There is outrage over Birds of Prey #109, but it has nothing to do with the fact that it has been made painfully obvious that when it comes to continuity that DC Editorial, in the words of Joel and The Bots (in Episode #419 Attack of the Eye Creatures)... They Just Don't Care!

No, the outrage is over the death of Knockout; long-time Superboy love-interest/villain, turned Secret Six member... and member of a long-term committed lesbian relationship with fellow Secret Six member Scandal Savage.

Now here is what I find inspiring. All of this outrage is, thus far, universal.

It's not just the lesbian comic fans complaining about how the most prominent committed lesbian relationship between two characters in comics has just been broken up.

It's not all the female comic fans complaining about one more woman being killed off for the sake of a plot-point in Countdown.

It is EVERYONE complaining about one more pointless death that is little more than a footnote in the body count for the build-up to The Next Big Crossover.

The tide is turning...


  1. Well, I'm not a lesbian, but I am a redhead, & I liked the Superboy series she came from, & it's disappointing to see her killed summarily like that without a fight.

  2. To say nothing of her begging - BEGGING - to call the woman she loves to say goodbye first...

  3. It's the old "Villain(ess?) Y is so tough and badass that even Hero(ine?) X cowers before him/her!!" schtick, a ham-handed and misguided attempt to establish Villain(ess?) X as, well, tough and badass, but instead it usually just makes Hero(ine?) X look weak and lame.

  4. Exactly. Since when has that cliche ever been effective?