Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 4/11/07

52 WEEK #49 - Much better than last week's dull, plodding mess, this issue is just further proof that mad scientists make everything better. And mad scientists with hypno-goggles trying to hypnotize Power Girl make everything dark near perfect.

ALL STAR SUPERMAN #7 - This am worst issue of All Star Superman yet! Me hate the use of Bizzaro here and conclusion of old non-Bizzaro Bizzaro Superman who am Bizzaro Superman we have seen before. Me not reccomend this book to anyone, or the trade of the first six issues that did not come out this week!

CONAN & THE MIDNIGHT GOD #3 - The weakest chapter of the series so far, but that's only because we've seen this scene (mysterious witch offers help to Conan before turning on him) before in other Conan stories. Indeed, it ammused me that Conan himself seemed to see the "trap" coming a mile away. At least the atwork is still good, but this issue felt like filler.

FABLES #60 - A fairly slow issue but it is the first part of an arc building to something bigger. I do like the focus on Flycatcher, who has been one of my favorites since his first appearance. And am I the only one who thinks that here, with the full beard, he looks somewhat like a depressed Tom Baker?

FRANK FRAZETTAS DEATH DEALER #1 - I suppose if one is going to do a story based around a famous painting, this is the way to do it. At least the artwork, while not quite Frazetta style, is interesting - but the dialogue is uninspired and the story seems to be fairly standard fantasy fare.

GEN 13 #7 - Been a while since I picked this up, but the cover - a tribute to the original Gen 13 #7 - caught my eye. Needless to say, it was hillarious but more impressively, Gail Simone actually came up with a GOOD reason for Caitlin to remove her costume and don a jungle-girl fur bikini (It involves dehydration, tropical climates and her costume being mostly plastic) even as Grunge removes his costume for the same practical, but less pure reasons (i.e. building a new society, free of pants).

GREEN ARROW #73 - The Countdown to Cancelation Continues. You've heard me grouse about the title enough and I'm honestly sick of grousing about it. Indeed, I'm numbed at the prospect of talking about this book except to make one point - just how the hell did Ollie get elected to high office in the first place if the Mia - the young lady living with him - a former teenage junkie prostitute, who I don't think Ollie ever legally adopted - had outstanding warrants on her? You'd think SOMEONE in the press would have caught that during the campaign.

SPIDER-MAN FANTASTIC FOUR #1 - Note to everyone at Marvel except Dan Slott, Dwayne McDuffie and Ed Brubaker. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!

TEEN TITANS #45 - Not much happens here, except I'm glad to note Duela Dent isn't evil. Her whole reason for joining Deathstroke's team? She wanted to be a Titan and they asked. She switches sides the minute she gets an invitation to join the team with all her friends. It's nutty. It's silly. It's everything I love about the character.

WONDER WOMAN #7 - Ho-hum. That about sums it up.

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