Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What... the... Hell? News

I didn't read this one, but apparently in the just-released-today "Civil War: The Initiative", there is a scene where, while talking to Ms. Marvel, Tony Stark says that - despite the events of Captain America #25 - Steve Rogers is alive and well and in a special sick-bed somewhere safe.

One problem - Marvel is now saying that Steve Rogers really is dead, that this issue is wrong and that his apparent "non-death" will be explained later.

You know what? I take back everything I said about DC and Marvel editorial being equally screwed up. Marvel is FAR more screwed up.

I'm not crazy about how "One Year Later" has robbed us of some moments in 52 that would have been truly dramatic (Ralph Dibny "permanently" stopping Neron and Felix Faust, being Sticking Point #1) but DC has not put out any stories that required an immediate "Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain" order.

I'll give them the benefit of a doubt though - they MAY publish this story Judd Winick was speaking of where Shado comes back to me a mother figure to Connor Hawke - which would just be seven kinds of creepy given his current mini-series.

But that is another story... and one I may tell if there is a request for it.


  1. Way to go Quesada. Bloody idiot...

  2. Yes.
    And a fitting icon for my feelings on this.

  3. Seconded!
    Of course, he'll be back one day in some dumb way to trivialize death in comics once more.

  4. Dude, they've brought back Uncle Ben and Jason Todd.
    It can't get any more trivialized.

  5. Not to mention Bucky. He successfully managed to stay off limits for decades.