Saturday, March 10, 2007

It turns out they really DON'T give a damn...

Just read, despite my better judgement, the Joe Fridays column over at Newsarama, where the EIC of Marvel answers questions.

Obviously, the first big question was "Just how planned out WAS Captain America dying right after Civil War?" The answer hit me with a double whammy. Because it has just been assumed by a good deal of the comic-reading community that Cap's death was planned as a consequence of Civil War all this time and that it was a metaphor for how by sacrificing our freedoms for safety, we are killing America.

One small problem: Marvel Editorial can't plan their way out of a wet sack - and Joe Quesada admits as much.

If memory serves, we were all pretty much convinced that this was going to happen, the debate then rages over two things: should it happen in Civil War itself as opposed to Captain America and who should the assassin be?

At one point, it was to be Miriam Sharpe (the mom whose Victim's Rights group started this whole mess) who in a fit of anger was to shoot Cap right after he puts his hands up to be handcuffed but we eventually worked beyond that idea and decided that Cap’s death should come later as a byproduct of Civil War and should happen in his own book. This was also important because we felt that the entirety of Civil War would have been dwarfed by this event. Civil War would have gone down as the Cap death story when that wasn’t the thrust of it or the allegory behind it.

Yes. Because the death of The American Dream should not have overpowered the allegory of Civil War.


Wait - what was the allegory of Civil War again?


  1. Considering that the end of Civil War had nothing memorable in it except for Cap's sudden, inane surrender, that would have been the PERFECT place to put it.

  2. *kicks Joey in the goolie bits*
    I can't believe I miss Jim fucking Shooter...

  3. Time and time again have I come to understand that they don't care.
    They have killed Cap before.
    And Thor.
    And remember when they took Dr. Strange and tried to make him "young and hip" by giving him a long coat and sunglasses?
    They gave Wolverine a first name! They took the mystery and ruined it.
    They do not care, they do not have a clue, and they never seemingly will.
    Thus I a committed Marvel zombie in my youth have given up caring as well; I have not bought an issue in years, nor have I seen most of the movies. I am sure I have missed out on a few good things, but does it outweigh the bad things I would have had to put up with? I'm doubtful.

  4. The movies, at least, stand on their own pretty well.
    And Spider-Man 1 and 2 were MAGIC.

  5. Yeah. But then they wouldn't be able to drag the story out even more with MONTHS of "The Epilogue To Civil War" books...

  6. Oh yes. Cut-throat as Jim may have been, there's quite a few people at Marvel I suspect could do with having Jim punch them in the throat and remind them that The Owl has already died TWICE and come back with no explanation.