Sunday, March 25, 2007

Random thought on intergalctic age of consent laws...

Here’s a story idea I’ll toss out for anyone who wants to deal with this subject seriously.

This week's Brave and the Bold featured a gag about Supergirl crushing on Hal Jordan and Hal having to remind himself repeatedly that she is only 17. This is really funny to those of us who remember a Green Lantern named Arisa.

Arisa was a teenage girl - by the terms of her people - and she had a crush on Hal. She used her ring to accelerate her growth thinking that Hal would be interested and, sure enough, he was. You can read a good article on the whole sordid story here.

So there's already a precedent for Hal having a thing about barely legal blonde alien girls. He indulged it with Arisa once he got convinced it wasn't really an age issue. Kara, it's just as much about the "Clark would kill me" issues as much as the age issues. Still, there seems to be an awful lot of nervousness in Hal for what happened to Arisa to be an isolated incident...

So here's my idea; a story in which Hal Jordan is brought up on pederast charges anyway and he actually does play the “She’s legal in Mercurian years” defense, thus leading to the Guardians creating a standard intergalactic age of consent. Unfortunately, all of Earth goes on trial for violating the rules after the Guardians determine that the 200 standard intergalactic units (one unit being equal to one Earth year) is the age at which a sentient being finally becomes mature enough to appreciate all the issues that come with copulation.

And before anyone asks, yes I am joking. And yes, I'm well aware that the Arisa aging herself storyline has since then been retconned away Geoff Johns and that Arisa is now a spritely 280 years by the reckoning of her people so this is all a moot point.

What, we're not allowed to have fun discussing perversions in comics anymore? ;)

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