Sunday, March 25, 2007

I still hate Civil War, but...

... it occurs to me that some of the few good writers at Marvel may be able to build some good stories out of the wreckage.

I am looking forward to Dwayne McDuffie's Fantastic Four. The man's a diva for classic characters and I love his take on The Thing and The Human Torch so far. To say nothing of the fact that we're talking about the main man behind Milestone Comics writing Black Panther and Storm.

I think Ed Brubaker will continue to make Daredevil the best book Marvel has to offer on a regular basis.

And this image has given me hope that there's at least one person working on Spider-Man who is going to try and clean that mess up.

(EDIT NOTE: Sorry kids. This image got lost by and did not save it...)

Not only am I digging the reference to Amazing Spider-Man #50 - to say nothing of the fact that Peter is the person most visibly honoring/mourning Captain America... but take a look at how unusually dark the alley is and how Peter is exiting into the light.

Hopefully that's an omen of better things to come. Hopefully...


  1. I'm glad that FF fans are hopefull about the new writer. And I was a big fan of Milestone and Beyond! is very awesome. All that being said, I don't see why Tchalla and Ororo are on the FF. I mean ok, so Sue and Reed are taking time away to work out their relationship. Fine. But why worry about the FF having a full roster? I mean thanks to Tony and Reed's brilliant planning they've got 50 odd teams to fill in for them...

  2. Ah, but the F4 were never so much a superhero team as they were a research/development group that just happened to have superpowered members. And they need SOMEONE there to keep Johnny and Ben from killing each other. ;)
    Besides, I would venture to guess that this is more one of McDuffie's pet projects - something he wanted to play with since so far, jack and squat has been done with T'Challa and Ororo apart from them standing in the background of Civil War.

  3. Although I'm getting tired of the constant homages and re-using or re-imagining the same classic cover over and over, I have to say that that there is one damn fine cover.
    As far as McDuffie is concerned, why is it that all the classic Milstone books are not being collected into a series of trades? There was a tiny Static Shock trade put out due to the popularity of the cartoon, but that should've been the ice breaker, not the exception! I'd love to finally read Icon and Blood Syndicate and Hardware and more Static Shock, etc. The closest I ever got was that DC/Milestone crossover they did in the 90s. It was great fun.

  4. McDuffie has made similar complaints, believe me.
    He made them all the time when the Static Shock cartoon was on the air, doing gangbusters and he wondered why WB wasn't persuing a toyline like they were with... every damned other superhero cartoon at the time or, I dunno, doing a Static Shock kids comic like they did with Batman Beyond or JLU?
    The answer, simply, was that TPTB were concenred that the "urban" aspect of the show wouldn't translate into sales. Never mind that the show scored well with children of all races.