Friday, February 10, 2006

Green Arrow #59 - A Review

My first actual review in some time.

Written by: Judd Winick
Penciled by: Paul Lee
Inked by: Dan Davis
Colored by: Rob Leigh
Lettered by: Guy Major
Editor: Bob Schreck
Publisher: DC Comics

Before we get started on this, let us agree to one ground rule thus far. Granting that this is a comic book and that the laws of physics are not necessarily that of the real world, Green Arrow has usually been a realistic (not grim and gritty) title which has been somewhat grounded in reality.

That being said, I do not buy certain things presented in the on-going action of this comic.

I do not believe that Black Lightning can continue to stand and use his powers with a collapsed lung. I had a friend who once had a collapsed lung and he could barely walk with aid. And I see no way that electricity control powers would allow someone to ignore a collapsed lung.

I do not believe that Connor Hawke, no matter what Buddhist Monk training he might have had that would enable him to ignore the effects of chemicals on his body, would be able to throw off the effects of morphine within the short span of time shown here and be able to overpower two paramdedics and be able to run his way down the street after jumping out of a moving (presumably quickly) ambulance.

This is ignoring the fact that Connor was diagnosed with a concussion and that the standard procedure for this is NOT to dope the patient up so they go unconscious. Indeed, you're supposed to fight against the patient going to sleep or so my first aid instructor told me.

I do not believe that with the vast resources at their disposal to say nothing of their desire to make a statement in taking down "the common man standing up to make a difference" that Green Arrow represents, that The Society would opt for blowing up a city with conventional bombs. If they really wanted to make a "Your Superhero Failed You" statement, why not have Dr. Light start raining down unholy laser fire? He's got the power to do it, especially after absorbing the power out of the Good Dr. Light. And it's not like The Society has been all that concerned about being subtle (re: The Nuking of Bludhaven)

But more than that, I cannot believe that two issues after the promised "Shocking Conclusion" to this storyline that we are still limping toward said promised conclusion.

Judd Winick said earlier this week on the DC Message Boards that those wondering about the gaping plot lines... particularly those involving Mia (who is still buried under the rubble with no progress after three issues passing) ... would have to "read (the next issue) and find out".

I don't believe I will. And I don't believe many of those on the DC Comics Boards or elsewhere will be wasting our money on this book anymore.

The Final Word: Not finishing a story after an eight-month span isn't decompressed writing. It is lazy. To do this just to keep people reading is the act of a writer who has nothing left to keep readers on this book but cheap tricks and petty conjuring. The 2 points are for the artist, who shows a greater grasp of human anatomy than the artist on duty the last time I reviewed this title.

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