Monday, June 2, 2003

Looking To The Stars: More Viewer Mail

First of all, I want to thank all of you who e-mailed to ask why there was no “Looking To The Stars” during the week of May 12th. Last week, several of you asked if I was still writing for 411Mania or if I was sick.

Well, the simple answer is that I was sick that weekend, overworked and overtired after a hectic week at work. As such, I was unable to drag myself out of bed to form a coherent sentence or two about anything, much less the complex diatribes about comics history I usually arrange for you kiddies.

I’d like to publish all of your letters, but space limitations on the web pages don’t permit that. So to everyone who inquired into my health and employment status, thank you all very much for caring.

Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone who wrote me regarding the Typhoid Mary origin column. It turns out that I was right and there were a lot of readers out there who weren’t familiar with Mary’s character and “There’s Something About Typhoid Mary” gave them a quick Cliff-Notes guide to Mary’s powers and origins, without giving away the ending of all her best stories.

I want to give on extra special thanks to one reader, who wrote in to correct me on a point of Deadpool history. Whoever they were, they did not give me a name and I am loathe to print their e-mail here. Suffice to say, I appreciate the update and I’m sure the other readers would like to know this as well…

I'm sure a bunch of people already told you but Deadpool wasn't able to
help Mary as much as she needed. He left her tied to a chair in a warehouse overnight with a weapon that would kill her if she moved. He came back the next morning and started a brief conversation with her about how he wanted to help her like Siryn helped him.

Mary gets untied and goes on this speech about how she wants to help Deadpool find his true self like he helped her. She then tells him that every 15 or 30 minutes (I can't remember which and I can't find the issue) that she will kill someone if he can't stop her. She breaks his wrist and runs off.

Deadpool thinks she's just acting tough until he finds the first body. He stops her from killing a Priest that she was hitting on and they have a fight in a bar. Mary is taunting him the entire time about how a real hero acts. She throws her sword at one bystander and Deadpool blocks it by letting it go through his hand and letting the friction stop it.

He looks over at Mary to see that she's already snapped another man's neck. She mocks him by saying a true hero would have saved the first victim like he did but not make jokes while she killed someone else. Deadpool then proceeds to beat her until she's unconscious while she keeps calling him hero.

Issue ends with Deadpool walking off and going to the crowd of on-lookers who have started calling him a monster," What's the matter, doesn't anyone want to be a hero?"

Mary screwed up Wade's mind very bad and sent the merc with a mouth
onto a very self-destructive path. I think she was taken to the mental ward after this and then got help and reverted back to Mary Walker. Not to sure though. Later on during the disaster known as Priest's tenure, he visits her while she's acting and sees that Mary has control again.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Don Thomas and thank him for his thoughtful note regarding my recent review of Knights of the Dinner Table. Don is the artist on the “Heroes of Hackleague” comic strip, which is just one of the many fine strips published in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine and one of the funniest superhero parodies in recent memory.

Tune in next week. Same Matt Time. Same Matt Website.

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