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The Flash Episode Guide: Season 9, Episode 8 - Partners In Time

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Barry and Iris must puzzle out a mystery together, when a time-traveling thief infiltrates STAR Labs and starts causing anomalies. Meanwhile, Khione meets an old friend of Team Flash, as some ill-chosen words threaten to ruin Allegra and Chester's romance before it begins.


Doctor Who (the whole time-heist storyline) and Gail Simone's The Atom comics.


This episode is said to take place on April 5, 2023, which was the same day it aired in reality. However, this conflicts with the date given in 906, which took place on Jenna West's fifth birthday, which was May 22, 2023. 

It is further impossible for this timeline to work, given Chillblaine left Central City at the end of 907, but was shown to be training Khione in using her powers in 906.

It seems highly unlikely that STAR Labs would go 100 years without any kind of basic safety inspection. (Lady Chronos says the 2023 date was the last inspection "before becoming a museum," so it may have had inspections since then.)

HR Wells opened a STAR Labs museum in 310, yet apparently managed this without the city requiring any kind of safety inspection beforehand. (This is honestly on-brand for HR, who was more of an idea man and wasn't the best at little details like filling out paperwork.)

The meeting between Khione and Carla Tannhauser takes place entirely off camera, which is anticlimactic given how much importance it is given in the early scenes.

Flash Facts

The title is a play on the term "Partners In Crime."

This episode introduces the Arrowverse version of Lady Chronos. In the comics, Lady Chronos was a Chinese woman named Jia, who was a former love interest of the Ryan Choi Atom. She became an apprentice to the first Chronos, David Clinton, and used his tech for herself. She later became the mother of the Atom villain Dwarfstar.

The Arrowverse Lady Chronos has a similar costume to the comics Lady Chronos, with a clock face painted on her face in makeup.

Little is revealed about the Arrowverse Lady Chronos, beyond her status as a time-traveling thief. She tried to rob The Flash Museum in 2123, but there's no indication she is native to that time.


The reason everyone in STAR Labs is trapped is because (for them) space and time have lost elasticity. Some kind of gravitation force, dubbed the Time Magnet, has created a zone they can't escape from and is pulling objects out of time.

Time Magnets must be paired with some kind of stabilizer to prevent anomalies. 

A time traveler might give off excess radiation.

Jane theorizes that time travel might induce temporary amnesia. (This was shown to be the case in Legends of Tomorrow.)

The Time Magnet has an identity matrix, which Lady Chronos reset to her biometrics. This will make it explode if it is taken from her.

The Time Magnet attracts temporal displacement particles, causing everything around it to transmogrify.  

Lady Chronos' chronobelt allows her to travel through time in a single location. This allowed her to access The Flash Museum weapon's vault., then escape by traveling back in time and posing as a safety inspector. Unfortunately, the Time Magnet wouldn't allow her to leave.

The chronobelt requires a rapid kinetic generator to recharge.


The opening scene shows a cloaked figure trying to steal a device from the Weapon's Vault of The Flash Museum. The scene ends with a focus on an inspection certificate with the date April 5, 2023.

Barry has painted Nora's crib purple and yellow - the same colors as her superhero costume in the future and her lightning.

Nora's favorite ice cream is cookie dough flavor.

Iris' favorite ice cream is a vanilla bean flavor made at an organic dairy farm in Coast City.

Iris gives Barry a gift - a mint condition copy of a North American Science magazine which has his father's picture on the cover. She remembered it after he mentioned losing his copy as a kid six months earlier.

Iris asks Barry to bring her some of Cecile's casserole when he comes home.

Barry scheduled a mold check at STAR Labs so it would be safe for Nora once she is born.

Barry sealed the Starchives and had Chester and Khione store all the other Team Flash equipment in the Time Vault, so their secrets are safe.

Carla Tannhauser, Frost and Caitlin's mother, expressed an interest in meeting Khione.

Khione is afraid that Carla will reject her, like Chillblaine did.

Barry's request for a mold inspection wound up triggering a full DOE inspection since STAR Labs adn't had any permits renewed since before the particle accelerator exploded.

One inspector is searching for mold. One inspector is measuring any device energy or matter that emits ionized radiation or particles. One is there to inspect the electrical systems.

Iris shows up, having not been able to wait for the casserole.

Barry is stuck for an explanation as to what the Speed Lab is for and why it is called that which does not involve The Flash.

The electrical inspector forgets the name for the breaker box. This is a clue that she is not who she says she is. 

As the inspectors, Barry and Iris try to leave the Speed Lab, they keep coming back to it.

A grandfather clock suddenly appears in the Speed Lab. It is identified as being from the 19th century, but looking as if it was built yesterday.

Nobody can get a signal on their phones.

Iris makes reference to being trapped in a time-loop with Barry (901) and the Dream Realm with Dreamer (907).

Barry decides to travel forward in time to figure out how they escape the looping rooms. He promises to bring Iris a snack with pistachios.

Chester and Allegra are playing board games on their day off. They start off with Scrabble.

Allegra makes reference to "going Nova" with her powers in 906 during the fight at O'Shaughnessy's.

Chester says "I love you" to Allegra, causing her to freeze up.

Chester invites Cecile to play Settlers of Cattan with them, after it becomes clear Allegra is uncomfortable being alone with him now.

The clothing of everyone in STAR Labs suddenly changes into historical garb from different time periods.

Barry reveals his secret identity to the inspectors to calm them as they begin to panic.

Barry recalls that his research for the Map Book of the future revealed a weapon's vault would be built into the Speed Lab in 100 years. He also thinks one of the objects in it is a Time Magnet.

Chief Inspector Howard is replaced with a statute.

Cecile senses things are awkward between Allegra and Chester and asks why.

Allegra froze up when Chester said he loved her because everyone she ever loved had something bad happen to them and she's afraid, on some level, that she's cursed.

Cecile sympathizes, having her own abandonment issues from her first marriage, but she says Chester is not the kind of guy to run.

Barry deduces Inspector Tao is the fraud because of her not knowing what a breaker box was. He later traps her in a lie, saying that check valves are probably to blame for the electrical wiring in STAR Labs going bad.  Check valves are used in plumbing to guide water flow.

Tao, revealed as Lady Chronos, tries to take Iris hostage.

Barry reasons with Lady Chronos, offering to recharge her belt so she can put the Time Magnet back, convincing her that she'll die if she doesn't.

The timeline is restored with one of the inspectors remembering what happened and Barry just convincing them the Speed Lab is named in honor of The Flash.

Khione tells Barry she could have told him that STAR Labs didn't have a mold problem, although she can't say how she knows.

Khione says she is eight weeks old at this point.

Khione says that Carla just wanted to get to now her as a friend and that she hopes to get to know her as a mentor.

Khione can also sense when Iris is hungry.

Khione, Iris and Barry go to get dinner at Helena's, which was revealed to have Iris' favorite cheese fries in 907.

Allegra tells Chester she loves him too and the two officially become a couple.


The Flash Museum - Central City - 2123

Untelevised Adventures

The meeting between Khione and Carla Tannhauser takes place entirely off camera.

The Bottom Line

A harmless filler episode, but a rather odd one given how few episodes are left at this point in the season. It is clear this episode was meant to save the show's budget for the grand finale, with most of the action confined to one room and little in the way of showy superheroics.

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