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Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7, Episode 3 - wvrdr_error_100 not found

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Fearing for the safety of the other Legends, Astra, Spooner and a now human Gideon race after them. Unfortunately, a mysterious virus overwhelms Gideon, leading Astra and Spooner to combine their powers and take a psychic journey into Gideon's mind and her memories of the Legends' adventures. 


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Inception. (general dream logic and concept of memories fighting to avoid being erased or altered as someone travels through a dreamscape, Spooner specifically mentions Christopher Nolan movies.)


Honestly, it's hard to single out any one of the cameos as the best, but if pressed, we'll give it to Victor Garber just because it's was always a delight when the show gave him an excuse to sing.

Amy Pemberton does a fantastic job as the various versions of Gideon


The lighting of the various dream versions of the Waverider helps to subtly drive home the dream like quality of the various flashbacks.

Trivia Of Tomorrow

This was the 100th episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

The title card for this episode shows the title cards of every season of Legends of Tomorrow so far.

This episode was directed by Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance.

Several actors who left the series returned to make cameos in Gideon's memories, along with one villain who has apparently returned to be the chief villain of Season 7.

Franz Drameh used his natural British accent while playing the memory version of Jax who helps defend Gideon from the Virus. 

The real Jefferson "Jax" Jackson was last seen in 318, where he briefly rejoined the Legends five years after he left the team.

Arthur Darvill's final performance as Captain Rip Hunter was also in 318.

Wentworth Miller's final performance as Len Snart was in 217. However, he did return to play the Earth-X version of Captain Cold, Leo Snart, during the Crisis on Earth X event and voiced a Waverider AI named Leonard from Earth-74 during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Victor Garber was last seen playing Professor Martin Stein in 308.

Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford last played Dr. Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk in 508.

Falk Hentschel last appeared as Hawkman in 116.

Raffi Barsoumian last appeared as Bishop in 615. However, the version of Bishop he plays here is one year older than his last appearance and is the younger Bishop briefly recruited by the Legends rather than the older, repeatedly cloned Bishop who was the chief villain of Season 6. 

According to Caity Lotz, the karaoke party scene, the holidays party scene and the line up of the Legends welcoming Gideon to the team were all improvised, with the original "curtain call" of all the guest star Legends having originally been written to be on the Waverider bridge instead of the hallway. (Lotz apparently decided to move it after everyone agreed it looked way too much like the end of Rent.)


Astra knows a spell that will allow her and Spooner to enter Gideon's mind, but they will need her to guide them back out.

The prefrontal cortex houses short term memories.

In a typical mindscape, the subconscious mind takes the form of a fortress and guards the long-term memories.

Time Master time ships are confirmed to be intended for one permanent occupant. This is why the Waverider only has one bathroom, despite having been outfitted to have multiple bedrooms by Rip Hunter.

The memory Jax is able to rig up some kind of anti-viral system that manifests as an energy gun. Blasting a corrupted memory with it restores them to normal.

Dialogue Triumphs

Astra: So you're Jax?
Memory Jax: Yup. The better-looking half of Firestorm and the ship's mechanic extraordinaire at your service, ladies. So I take it you two are Legends then?
Spooner: You know, they never told us you were British.
Memory Jax: Yeah, I'm not, this is just how Gideon decided to remember me for some reason. But I don't mind... I mean, everything sounds better in a British accent, don't it?
Astra:  Debatable.

(The memory Jax explains what they need to do to restore Gideon's memories.)
Astra: So you're gonna send us inside Gideon's head, even though we're already inside Gideon's head?
Memory Jax: Yeah.
Spooner: There's a reason why I skip Christopher Nolan movies. Let's just not overthink things.
Astra: Yeah, okay

(Upon seeing Sara in her original White Canary costume.)
Astra: White suede? That's gonna stain.

Memory Sara: I got to say, Gideon, you run a tight ship.
Gideon: Oh, that's Captain Hunter's job. I'm not in charge here.
Memory Sara: Guy's got his work cut out for him. I don't know why you'd choose to captain a team like this.

(As Gideon is looking at the Waverider controls, Astra walks over to the study and the liquor cabinet.)
What are you doing?
Astra: Just because we are stuck in her brain doesn't mean I can't pickle mine.
(Astra swigs from the bottle and immediately starts gagging at the taste.)
I recall during this memory that Dr. Palmer had replaced all the ship's alcohol with kombucha.
(Astra hisses in annoyance as she tries to keep spitting the taste from her mouth.)

Gideon: Always hoped I'd get to go on a Legends mission in real life. Always hoped it'd be one of the westerns, but this is fun too.

Memory Gary: 
Now, when you're eating a person, I recommend starting with the limbs and then working your way to the head.
(There is an awkward silence.)
Memory Gary:
A gingerbread person. I mean, clearly, I don't eat real people.

Gideon: You can't hide from me. I'm in control now.
Blue Gideon: Whatever those two told you, you can't believe it. Remember, they're the enemy. 
Gideon: You're wrong. 
Blue Gideon: So you're going to shoot me. 
Gideon: No, because you're not my enemy, either.
Blue Gideon: I don't... I don't understand. 
Gideon: Of course, you don't. As powerful as you are, you're just a set of algorithms, a closed system. There's so much you can't understand. But you are a part of me because all of the clashing emotions, all the good moments, and the pain we survived despite ourselves, all of that helps us evolve. That's what the Legends are shown me. So we're going to coexist, but I'm steering the ship from now on.
Blue Gideon: Do you even know what you're doing? 
Gideon: No, I really don't. But I'm excited to figure it out. 
(Gideon walks through the hologram with confidence. On the other side of the bridge, Rip Hunter is leaning against the wall, waiting for her.)
Memory Rip: And you won't be doing it alone. 
(Rip opens the door to the hallway. Astra, Spooner and the Memory Jax are waiting for her.)
Spooner: That-a-girl!
Astra: Now, listen, we are all just trying to figure out this being human thing together.
Memory Jax: It's not always going to be easy.
Spooner: And you know, sometimes you'll feel like you're out of your mind.
(Spooner puts an arm around Gideon and guides her down the Hall as more figures emerge from the rooms to join them.)
Memory Nora: Or that the darkness is too much to bear.
Memory Gary: But it's worth fighting the darkness to discover who you really are.
Memory Zari 2.0: Yes. And not just for yourself.
Memory Behrad: So you can create a better world for everyone.
(Behrad holds up a bag full of edible gummies and offers them to Gideon, but Zari bats them away.)
Memory Snart: Now, you're gonna make some mistakes.
Memory Stein: There's no formula to guide the way.
Memory Hawkman: No destiny to surrender to.
Memory: Ray: It's not about being perfect. It's about doing what you know is right.
Memory Nate: And having a hell of a good time doing it.
Memory Ava: That's what it means to be alive.
Memory Sara: And to be a Legend. Welcome to the team, Gideon.
(The memory of Sara shakes Gideon's hand as Gideon smiles softly and looks down the hall as the memories of all the heroes she's traveled with regard her and she realizes she's truly one of them, as light envelopes her and she wakes up in the barm.) 

(Bishop has just rebooted his copy of Gideon.)
Blue Gideon:
Greetings, Captain. I am Gideon. How can I aid you in eliminating anachronisms from the timeline?
Bishop: Oh, you want to eliminate some anachronisms? I've got just the band of idiots to start with.


As the episode opens, Spooner, Astra and Gideon are somewhere east of Odessa, following Gideon's feeling as to where the other Legends are.

Gideon is now able to speak normally.

Spooner is able to tell time using the sun 

Astra knows how to steal a car.

Strawberry Rhubarb is Astra's favorite type of pie. 

Gideon passes out after she thinks to hard about the paradox of being morally unable to steal a pie but needing food to survive to accomplish the greater good of preventing the Legends from dying.

Gideon claims the pie Astra wanted her to steal was historically significant, having been baked by Miss Adelaide Van Zandt who went on to win the blue ribbon at the Pasaco County Fair pie baking contest because of that pie.

Gideon's psychic landscape resembles the Waverider, but with Matrix-style code outside the ship rather than the usual green clouds and energy waves of the Temporal Zone.

In 2213, on the day of the AVA Clone launch, Bishop reveals to his Assistant Ava clone that he's been having visions of strange lizard people that he thinks are memories but they are tied to a strange object he found in his lab coat one year earlier.

Bishop's visions are of the Zagurons from 615.

Bishop later determined that this object was a highly advanced hard drive. Over the course of the year since he met the Legends, Bishop was able to reverse engineer an interface for the hard drive, but still couldn't understand the code that he found on it. The code begins with the string GIDEON_OS.

Spooner and Astra are greeted by a memory of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson who has a British accent, because Gideon seemed to remember him having an accent like hers.

The memory Jax claims that he spent the most time with Gideon out of all the original Legends, which is why he hadn't been deleted like the other Legends, as he was buried too deep in her subconscious. 

Memory Jax explains that Gideon's short term memories have been erased and something is trying to erase the long term memories as well. If this should happen, it would be like a factory reset, with Gideon having all of the knowledge and power she did before but none of the memories she acquired while working with the Legends. In order to restore Gideon's access to her memories, Astra and Spooner will have to find her consciousness and guide her through those memories she considered most important.

The first memory they visit took place sometime after 601, while Spooner was still in a coma shortly after her first encounter with the Legends. Gideon held onto it because it was the first time she had been convinced that love was more important than logic, after Gideon questioned Ava as to whether abducting Spooner was the best way to track down Sara after she was abducted by aliens.

Spooner has been traveling with the Legends for one relative year, according to Memory Jax.

The second memory they visit took place sometime between episodes 101 and 102, with Captain Cold, Sara, and Hawkman nearly coming to blows as Ray is fixing breakfast in the Waverider galley and Gideon talking them down. Gideon held on to this memory as it reminded her that as crazy as the various Legends could be, they were ultimately friends.
The third memory they visit takes place sometime immediately after 307, as reference is made to confronting Gorilla Grodd during the Vietnam War and Martin Stein's recently becoming a grandfather. In it, an unusually cheerful Stein sings a duet of "Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain with Gideon. The memory Ray does not join in, saying that music from Singin' In The Rain just reminds him of Gumball - the baby Dominator he adopted in 304 - and makes him sad.

The virus attacking Gideon's memories is revealed to be another version of Gideon - one who was reset to factory specifications, who sees Gideon's affection for the Legends as a sickness.

The other Gideon is dubbed Blue Gideon by Spooner.

Gideon has recovered enough of her memories that she is able to pilot the Waverider manually, leading her to start flying the memory of the Waverider back to her subconscious and Jax.

The fourth memory they travel to takes place sometime during 101 and features Rip Hunter informing the Legends, after their first night on the ship, that they all have to share one bathroom.

The Blue Gideon is revealed to have disguised herself as Rip Hunter and lures Gideon away from Asttra and Spooner.

The Blue Gideon is revealed to be a copy of the Gideon OS which Bishop activated in 2213 and reprogrammed to destroy the Legends.

Bishop's memories of the Legends are restored after Gideon asks what happened to the Legends. He then remembers that he copied Gideon's OS then wiped her memory so she couldn't tell anyone and hid the hard drive on himself, only to forget about it when they erased his memory.

Blue Gideon is able to corrupt Gideon's memories. This causes the Legends in the memories to start attacking Astra and Spooner.

Blue Gideon forces Gideon to remember the death of Behrad in 509, the death of Rip Hunter in 318, the death of Captain Cold in 115 and the death of Martin Stein in 308.among other moments of the Legends' suffering, claiming to have shielded Gideon from the pain of human grief so she could focus on the team's mission objectives.

Blue Gideon offers to take away the pain, erase the memories of the Legends and tries to get Gideon to agree that they can destroy the Legends after that, as they are the real enemy.

Blue Gideon reveals one memory which Rip Hunter repressed - that he reprogrammed Gideon to make protecting the Legends her first priority, rather than protecting the timeline, as the original Gideon claimed Rip Hunter's plan to use the Legends to fight Vandal Savage was too volatile and the Legends risked causing more damage than they could fix.  

Memory Jax, Astra and Spooner fight their was past corrupted memories of Behrad and Zari 2.0, Nate and Zari 1.0, Ava and Sara.

After being left depressed and not wanting to be human by Blue Gideon's assault, Astra and Spooner cheer Gideon up by guiding her into a memory of a party the Legends threw to celebrate all the major holidays at once, including all their birthdays.

The party took place sometime during the first part of Season 5, after Zari 2.0 joined the team in 505 but before Ray and Nora Darhk left in 508, as the Legends in attendance included Sara, Ava, Nate, Behrad, Zari 2.0, Gary, Ray and Nora. 

They journey into another memory from the same time period, where Ava, Zari 2.0 and Nora were holding a book club meeting and Gideon told them that John Constantine had taken a jump ship to go to the midnight premiere of a Harry Potter movie in secret. (They declare John a total Slytherin.)

The final memory they journey into is of a karaoke party held on the Waverider. Sara, Ava, Ray, Ava and Zari 1.0 are present and reference is made to the team just saving the world,  The presence of Ava and Nate and Zari's interactions suggests this story is set somewhere in Season 4. Gideon wound up singing "Love Will Keep Us Together."

Gideon confronts the Blue Gideon and says she will be controlling herself now. She is greeted by memories of the other Legends, along with Astra and Spooner, who tell her that they will be with her to help her figure out what it is to be human.

In 2213, Bishop erases the memories of his copy of Gideon and reprograms her to destroy the Legends.


Odessa, Texas -1925
A psychic landscape based on Gideon's mind.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 2213

Untelevised Adventures

Through flashbacks through Gideon's memories, we see (in chronological order)

Rip Hunter informing the Legends that the Waverider has only one bathroom. (101.)

Rip Hunter reprogramming Gideon to put the Legends' safety over keeping the timeline stable.(101.)

A fight almost breaking out between Hawkman, Captain Cold, The Atom and White Canary ( 102.)

Gideon and Martin Stein singing a duet together (sometime after 307)

A karaoke party on the Waverider (sometime in Season 4)

A party where the Legends celebrated all the major holidays at once.(sometime between 505 and 508.)

Gideon and Ava talking about how love is more important than logic. (601)

The Bottom Line

Everything you could hope for in an anniversary episode.

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