Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Flash #41 - A Review

As Gorilla Grodd and The Black Hole slowly grind Central City to a molecular stand-still, Barry Allen struggles to restore his powers. Can Kid Flash and The Flash of Justice League China save the day while the elder Wally West tries to evacuate the city?

Carlos D'Anda provides the artwork for this issue and I never thought I'd find myself missing Carmine Di Giandomenico. While D'Anda's pencil are clearer, he recycles more than a few panels here and there. Ignoring the laziness of this, his inks are all over the place in regards to shading cerain characters and the definition of certain lines. It's a shame because Williamson's story is as strong as ever, but this title seems to be cursed by mediocre art and an inability to find a regular artist.

The Final Analysis: 5/10. Great story with erratic artwork.

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