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Black Lightning Episode Guide: Season 1, Episode 7 - Equinox: The Book of Fate

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As Jefferson continues in his efforts to hunt down Tobias Whale and bring him to justice, Anissa struggles to find "the new normal" in the wake of discovering her powers. Meanwhile, things heat up as Tobias makes his move against Lady Eve and Black Lightning.


The Black Lightning comics of Tony Isabella.


Jefferson doesn't trust Gambi any more, yet trusts him enough to let his family hide in his basement?


The fight choreography between Tobias Whale and his sparring partner is fantastic.


The outfit that Gambi wears while killing Joey Toledon resembles the costume of the classic pulp vigilante The Shadow.

Tobias Whale keeps a copy of Moby Dick on his desk. This is, of course, a classic novel about a great white whale.

By the end of the episode, Lady Eve is dead and Black Lightning has been framed the murder. A similar thing happened in the comics, with Black Lightning being blamed for the death of Joey Toledo. This fueled Inspector Henderson's determination to bring Black Lightning to justice until the hero proved himself to the old cop.


Some of Lynn's research has to do with addiction and its effect on the human brain.

Lynn did not get a chance to look at Alvin's research beyond noting some pretty advanced biochemical formulas.

The costume Gambi plans for Anissa will be made of a breathable Kevlar weave so it will be bulletproof even when she isn't. It will also be fireproof, water-resistant and contain a state-of-the-art neuro-interface technology stitched into the lining that will let Gambi monitor her vitals.

Tobias' men attack Lady Eve using some kind of high-tech energy weapon that electrocutes its victims.

Dialogue Triumphs

Anissa: This is a gift from God, Mom! A blessing!
Lynn: You sound just like your father...
Anissa: (scoffs) And that's a bad thing?!

Gambi: Have I done something to upset you?
Jefferson: It's what you didn't do, Gambi. Why didn't you tell me Tobias was back in Freeland?
Gambi: (annoyed) We're back to this again?
Jefferson: Yes, we are! Do you expect me to believe it took you two hours to get some intel on thieves on the dark web, but you haven't heard anything - ANYTHING - about a six-foot albino in Freeland?!
Gambi: I told you I didn't know!
Jefferson: I know what you told me! It doesn't mean I believe you.
Gambi: (sighs and takes off his glasses) I didn't tell you in order to protect you...
Jefferson: From Tobias?
Gambi: From yourself.
(Gambi walks around the counter to stand right in front of Jefferson.)
Gambi: Jefferson, I didn't want you to do something that you'd regret for the rest of your life. There's no coming back from something like that. Trust me.
Jefferson: (cooly) That's just it. I don't.
(Jefferson turns around and walks away.)

Tobias: I thought PCP was bad. This Green Light is on a whole other level. It's too volatile. Too addictive. Truthfully, it's killing too many people and dead customers don't pay.

(Gambi wants Tobias Whale brought down.)
Lady Eve: You could have Joey Toledo. Toledo is Tobias' right hand. If you remove him from the equation, maybe Tobias will get the hint and start being more careful?
Gambi: And if Tobias doesn't fall in line?
Lady Eve: I'll throw him off that bridge when I get to it.

Lynn: When you do what your father does - what you want to do? Everybody gets a happy ending but you.
Anissa: But the community, they fell apart, Mom, without Black Lightning. But the people are starting to believe that they can get up from The 100 again. Up from the crooked police. Look, I can finally help Dad free Freeland. And I'm willing to sacrifice my happiness so that other people can have theirs.

Jefferson: I'm a hypocrite. You know how I always get on you to keep your head? I've let my emotions get the best of me over and over again. And tonight, a young lady died.
Anissa: Dad, listen-
Jefferson: No, no, no. We are both gonna make mistakes. Horrible mistakes. But without us, Freeland doesn't stand a chance. (chuckles) I don't know everything. But what I do know, I'm going to teach my daughter.
Anissa: No, you're not a hypocrite. You're great. You're a great dad. A great principal. The greatest hero. I mean, Dad, I can only hope to live up to your example.
Jefferson: No. Be better than me.


Anissa has some degree of enhanced healing, like her father.

Gambi lies to Jefferson about the men who attacked Lynnbeing part of a gang of roving tech thieves.

Lady Eve sends some of her men out to hit the men who attacked Lynn.

Lynn works at Bowman College

Lady Eve has Gambi listed in the contacts on her phone as The Tailor.

Tobias Whale addresses his female assassin as Syonide for the first time.

Jefferson says that Tobias Whale hasn't aged a day in 30 years.

Anissa tells Jefferson about how she got Alvin's research from David Poe in 105.

Tobias makes a 300% profit on what is invested in him by the 100.

Tobias is about to open a new nightclub in Freeland.

Jennifer figures out something is going on between Anissa and Jefferson.

David Poe died several days earlier, struck by a car on his morning bike ride.

Gambi kills Joey Toledo, leaving a box full of albino bone dust on the body.

Anissa tried walking for the first time when she was 10 months old.

Lynn asks Jefferson to train Anissa as a vigilante.

Tobias refers to the group behind Lady Eve as The Shadow Board.

Black Lightning is saved on Inspector Henderson's phone as The Electrician.

The two men who attacked Lynn are found dead near PAX Institute.

Gambi starts designing a superhero suit for Anissa.

During Black Lightning's attack on Tobias' new club, Tobias is wounded by one of his men when his gun goes wild while in auto-fire mode. He is taken away to safety..

Tori Whale is wounded and left for dead, dying as Black Lightning gets to her.

Lady Eve is killed by Tobias' men.

Anissa calls Grace and asks her out for a date as soon as they both have time.

Lady Eve's full real name was Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson.

Black Lightning is framed for the deaths of Lady Eve and her employees.

In the end of the episode, Lala - who Tobias killed in 102 - is resurrected. He has a vision of LaWanda White, who he killed in the same episode, before a tattoo of her face appears on his chest.

The Fridge Factor

Tori Whale is killed off only to give Tobias one more reason to want to kill Black Lightning and to give Jefferson more angst over his vigilantism getting other people killed.

The Bottom Line

Problematic in that it kills two of its main female characters, but at least it does so in a way that is plot-relevant in the case of Lady Eve and at least Tori Whale goes down fighting. Still, the action of the final fifteen minutes is thrilling enough though I have no idea what to make of the final scene. You can bet I'll be anxious to see how this develops next week, though.

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