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Black Lightning Episode Guide: Season 1, Episode 4 - Black Jesus

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As The 100 introduce a new designer drug called Green Light to the streets of Freeland, the public cries for Black Lightning to lead the fight against them. At the same time, Anissa launches her own war on crime as Jefferson fights to save one student who made one bad choice from being expelled by a school board out for blood.


The Black Lightning comics of Tony Isabella.


Jason Louder gives a fantastic comic-relief performance as Frank "Two-Bits" Tanner.

Honestly, the whole ensemble is so fantastic, it's hard to single any one out in each episode so far.


The electric vision effects look amazing.


The episode title is a reference to Jefferson Pierce's nickname in Freeland, because everyone thinks he can do no wrong and walks on water. It was first mentioned by LaWanda White in 102.

In the classic Black Lightning comic from the 1970s, "Two Bits" Tanner was a low-level informant who helped Black Lightning with tips on The 100's activities. In Black Lightning: Year One, he was retconned into Frank "Two-Five" Tanner - a high-level boss in The 100, who owned one-quarter of their operations, hence the nickname. He was also Jefferson Pierce's brother-in-law.

The DCTVU version of Two-Bits was someone Jefferson Pierce knew growing up, who was a few years younger than him. Two-Bits holds a similar role to his classic comics counterpart as a low-level thug, but he does not dress like Huggybear.


Green Light gives a teenage boy enough strength to rip a urinal off a wall and throw it at least 20 feet. It also gives him enough endurance to shrug off two of Black Lightning's taser-level blasts.  According to Gambi, it's like crack and PCP had a baby in terms of its chemical composition.

The way Green Light attaches to neuro-receptors will hook the target after one taste.

Lady Eve notes that there are some parts of Africa where albinos are considered magical and they are kidnapped and killed so their body parts can be used in rituals.

The goggles of the new Black Lighting costume give Jefferson "electric vision" allowing him to see the electrical signature of any powered object.

Dialogue Triumphs

(Black Lightning shocks a thug, demanding to know who is behind Green Light.)
Thug: Okay!  Two-Bits!
Black Lightning: Two-Bits?
Thug: I know it sounds like a 70's slang name, but that's what he goes by!

Inspector Henderson: Whenever somebody says "no offense", it's usually right before they say something really offensive.

Anissa: Look, somebody has to do something because all of this policing and marching and praying - it hasn't changed anything!

Jefferson:  The cops are coming your way. You might wanna get out of this before it gets too hot for you.
Two-Bits: Get out and do what? (pauses) Look, I appreciate you looking out, but I got a family to take care of.
Jefferson: Yeah, but this Green Light stuff is bad news, bruh. Now look - you want to tell me anything? Maybe I can help.
Two-Bits: I've got nothing to tell.  It is what it is, bruh.

(Gambi is telling Jefferson about the large number of Green Light overdoses.)
Gambi: You'd think it would be on the news.
Jefferson: Yeah, black kids OD-ing has never been newsworthy.

Two-Bits: Hey. The streets are talking man! I heard what you did to Block!
Black Lighting: What did you hear?
Two-Bits: I heard you lit his ass up!
Black-Lightning: Good. That should save us some time.

Two-Bits: Hey, hey, hey. Real, real quick. Before you knock me out? Uh, you think I can get a pic?
(Black Lightning is stunned as Two-Bits puts an arm around his shoulders and pulls out his phone.)
Two-Bits: And can you make sure you light up?
Black-Lightning: What?! No!
(Black Lighting taser-punches Two-Bits and lowers him to the ground. He shakes his head as he walks off.)

(Jefferson is testing the electric-vision of his new suit.)
Gambi: So what do you see?
Jefferson: (awestruck) I see everything.
(We get a POV shot as Jefferson looks at the city, glowing and full of life.)

Tobias Whale: How'd you like the gifts?
(Khalil wakes up from a doze and turns to see Tobias Whale sitting in the guest chair of his room. He moves to turn the light on.)
Tobias Whale: You mind keeping the lights off? They hurt my eyes. (smiles) My name is Tobias Whale.
Khalil: What are you doing in my room?
Tobias Whale: I wanted to see how you were doing.
Khalil: Why'd you give me all those gifts?
Tobias Whale: I understand what you're going through. You see, Black Lightning messed my life up too. I wanted you to have some nice things to keep your mind off your troubles. I know it's hard to see now, but in time you will. Black Lightning's the reason you're lying here paralyzed. There was many times when I was younger I needed help, but no one showed up. I don't want to see you have to go through the same thing.
Khalil: Why?
Tobias Whale: Well... I've followed your athletic career a long time and it hurt me to see you hurt. But what I've learned about pain is pain makes you stronger. Pain makes you tougher. And eventually you get to a point where you don't even feel it. If you'd like, I can show you how to kill your pain.


Green Light is a new designer drug made by The 100.

Jefferson has contacts with all the street-level drug dealers in Freeland, but doesn't know any of their bosses.

The dealer behind Green Light is a man called Two-Bits.

Two Bits hangs out at a bar called Tanner's Tap Room on 7th Street.

Tobias Whale used to be a politician in Freeland before starting a new career leading The 100.

Lady Eve is part of the group backing The 100.

Tobias Whale built his reputation on the belief that he killed Black Lightning.

The dealer selling Green Light at Freeland High is named Ronald Wright.

The Freeland High bylaws give the principal sole authority over whether or not a student can be expelled.

Joey Toledo kills the corner who failed to properly identify Black Lightning's body.

Anissa beats up the drug dealers that were trying to deal Green Light to her students.

36 people have ODed on Green Light in Freeland. Six of them fatally.

Two-Bits agrees to stop selling drugs in exchange for Black Lightning not calling the cops on him.

The warehouse where Two-Bits gets the Green Light is at 389 Hart Avenue.

Jennifer quits the track team.

Tori Whale is Tobias Whale's sister. She is a new character unique to the DCTVU.

Grace Choi is bisexual.

Gambi lies to Jefferson about not seeing what caused the explosions that he heard. He goes to the scene of where Anissa fought off the bigots who attacked Grace and takes a picture of the footprint that she stomped into the concrete.

Khalil was a two-time state champion sprinter.

Tobias White still has warrants out for his arrest in Freeland.

Tori Whale suggests using Khalil to turn the people of Freeland against Black Lightning.

Khalil is told that his spinal cord is completely severed.

Jefferson gives up his right to final say on expelling students in exchange for saving Bernard from expulsion. Henceforth, the principal has one vote equal to that of all the other school board members.

There is a dope house at 367 34th Street.

The Bottom Line

A fantastic episode with some great comedy moments (courtesy of Two-Bits) and an even expansion of all the subplots so far. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Gambi's secretiveness and Anissa's relationship with Grace. This show continues to intrigue with every passing episode.

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