Thursday, December 28, 2017

Doomsday Clock #2 - A Review

Desperately seeking Doctor Manhattan, who he thinks may be the only person capable of saving his world, Ozymandias has devised a mean of tracking his former ally. With the new Rorschach in tow, along with the criminal duo of Mime and Marionette, Ozymandias makes the journey into another universe - one that is foreign to him but well-known to us... 

"Nostalgia. They don't make this anymore."

That sentence, more than anything, seems to sum up Doomsday Clock to date. Thus far the story seems to be little more than the mechanism through which Geoff Johns can get a paycheck for his Watchmen fan fiction. It's well-written, as far as fan fiction goes, but there doesn't seem to be any finer artistic point behind the story so far - all theories regarding how this ties into the foundation of the current DC Comics timeline aside.

It must be said that Gary Frank and Brad Anderson do put on a fantastic show illustrating it all. Though very little seems to be happening in terms of an overall plot, what action exists in this issue is well-handled and laid out well in the classic nine-box grid pattern utilized so well by Dave Gibbons. All in all, the execution of this issue is competent but one still wonders if there's any higher purpose other than giving Alan Moore one more reason to lay a death curse upon the management of DC  Comics.

 The Final Analysis: 6 out of 10. Fantastic artwork but the story seems rudderless so far.

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