Saturday, November 4, 2017

Green Arrow #34 - A Review

Moira Queen has revealed herself as alive and well. She's also revealed herself as being part of The Ninth Circle and the number one target on their hit-list now that Oliver Queen has done so much to disable their plans. Oliver wants to believe his mother wants to help him turn the tables on the organization that destroyed his life... but can he trust her?

Green Arrow #34 has killed the momentum that was set up regarding Oliver Queen's trial pending trial on murder charges over the last few issues. Unfortunately, Benjamin Percy chose this moment to revisit the subplot involving John Diggle's owing Malcolm Merlyn a debt - a deus ex machina from a previous issue nearly as confounding as Moira Queen's sudden resurrection.

I've come too far not to trust Percy as a writer on this series but this issue is painfully slow and heavy on exposition, the best bits and only action sequences involving Black Canary and Green Arrow fighting The Clock King in flashback. At least Stephen Byrne's artwork is as good as ever but he isn't given much to do beyond draw talking heads this week.

The Final Analysis: 6 out of 10. It isn't bad but I expect better from this team. 

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