Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Flash #31 - A Review

The thief stealing blood samples from the Central City Police Department stands revealed as a new Rogue called Bloodwork. Seeking a cure for his hemophilia, he somehow gave himself the power to control the flow of blood around him!

Only The Flash can stop Bloodwork... but how can The Flash stop him when he's drawing off of the negative charge of The Speed Force and still can't control his powers? And even if The Flash can save the day, will Barry Allen still have a job at the end of it?

The artwork for this issue is erratic, even allowing for two different artists working on it. Neil Googe is a great artist but his cartoonish style is at odds with the dark tone of the story. This weakens a villain who should be nightmarish and the people fleeing from Bloodwork look unintentionally goofy. Gus Vasquez's style matches the tone better, but the second half of the story is more sedate, denying Vasquez a chance to show his skill at drawing action scenes.

Joshua Williamson's grasp of the regular characters remains strong. The dialogue is fantastic though the set-up of the finale seems a little rushed. Then again, if The Flash is going to err, best that it do it on the side of moving too quickly than taking too long.

The Final Analysis: 6 out of 10.

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