Sunday, October 29, 2017

Batgirl 16 - A Review

Then, Robin and Batgirl teamed up to investigate Mad Hatter's turning to nanotech drug dealing. They discovered that Ainsley -  Barbara Gordon's one friend since moving to Gotham City (apart from Robin, of course) - was helping The Hatter and using Barbara's coding skills to do it!

Now, a new villain called The Red Queen has stolen The Mad Hatter's technology and is it using it to strike against everyone who ever hurt Ainsley... including Nightwing and Batgirl! Barbara thought her old friend had reformed, but now she isn't so sure...

The most miraculous thing about the current Batgirl arc is how well Hope Larson has balanced the flashbacks and the story set in the present. Both stories are honestly surprising and well-paced as far as mysteries go. Larson also has a great grasp of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon's personalities at both points in time and the interaction between them is a joy to read.

Larson's script is well matched by the art team. Chris Wildgoose is phenomenal and easily the best artist to work on this series since Daniel Sampere. Both inkers - Messrs. Marzan and Owens do a fantastic job of shading the artwork without blanketing the page in blackness. The colors of Mat Lopes provide the perfect finishes.

The Final Analysis: 10 out of 10. A must read for all Bat-Fans!

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