Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Injustice 2 #23 (Digital Edition) - A Review

Once, Alfred Pennyworth brought The Man of Steel to his knees with a modicum of technology and a gentleman's knowledge of boxing. Newly resurrected by The Lazarus Pit, Alfred may have managed something even more impossible - bringing about multiple reconciliations between warring parties. Can it possibly last?

Again, I find myself stunned into silence by this book and again I have to admonish whoever wrote the Comixology blurb for this issue, which spoils the entire story! Indeed, the only reason I've made mention of the return of Alfred The Butler is that the preview images for this issue make it impossible to hide that revelation.

Still, I will hide the rest of the story beyond this first page and hope you trust me when I speak of how powerful it is. Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus have outdone themselves in bringing Tom Taylor's script to life, in all of its splendor and horror. There is plenty of both to be had here. Don't take my word for it - read it!

The Final Analysis: 10 out of 10. A Must Read! 

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