Thursday, September 21, 2017

Aquaman #28 - A Review

As the deposed Arthur Curry and his new ally, Dolphin, evade the minions of the Atlantean crime-boss Krush, Mera recruits the former Aqualad (now called Tempest) to try and penetrate the magical barriers around Atlantis. At the same time, the former Chief Elder, Vulko, makes his own play to bring down the corrupt regime of the new King, leading a clandestine raid on the royal treasury.

The most miraculous thing about Aquaman #28 is how accessible it is to new readers. Despite having one of the more involved mythologies of the DC Rebirth tiles, this book passes the Stan Lee test for every comic being written as if it was going to be someone's first exposure to the characters and their world. Dan Abentt's script manages this exposition smoothly and naturally, fitting it in between some stunning action sequences.

The artwork by Stjepan Sejic proves equally astonishing. I'm not sure if Aquaman has been officially bumped to a monthly-release schedule or is running late due to Sejic requiring more time for his intricate, beautiful and unique style of art. In either case, Aquaman has never looked better and it is well worth the wait.

The Final Analysis: 10 out of 10. Flawless. Absolutely flawless. 

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