Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Injustice 2 #3 - A Review

When Harley Quinn was captured by Amanda Waller to be part of the new Suicide Squad, she expected Batman to come to the rescue right away. She did not, however, expect him to show up guns-a-blazing and ready to kill. Who is this strange new Batman? And where is the real Batman?

I feel safe giving away the "stunning twist" of last week's issue for three reasons - a gun-totting Batman is on the cover of this issue, the synopsis on Comixology spoils the same point, and, c'mon, we all knew that wasn't really Bruce Wayne! I refuse to say anything more about the story, save that Tom Taylor has retained his capacity for dark humor and keeping readers guessing.

Taylor remains well-matched with a top-notch art team. Bruno Redondo is at the peak of his powers, creating interesting and eye-catching designs for some villains we haven't seen before. Juan Albarran provides just the right amount of shade to every scene and Rex Lokus varies the color palettes in a way that is literally stunning.

Final Analysis: 10/10.

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