Thursday, April 6, 2017

Batgirl Annual #1 - A Review

My Wednesday morning comic shop was shorted on Batgirl Annual #1. So I didn't get a chance to pick it up when it came out last week. Thankfully, it proved more than worth the wait!

The first story, by monthly-series writer Hope Larson, is a team-up with Supergirl worthy of the name World's Finest Comics.The plot centers on Kara Zor-El seeking Batgirl's help in quietly sneaking inside a CADMUS facility, where she believes another Kryptonian may be held hostage.

The story is definitely more in Supergirl's territory than Batgirl's, but Larson does a fine job explaining things for those, like me, who don't read Supergirl. More importantly, the chemistry between the two heroines is strong and the artwork by Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz is fantastic. I've never seen their work before but I'll be sure to seek it out after this impressive showing.

The back-up story by Vita Ayala is a more thoughtful piece, set back during the Burnside era. This story's main purpose is answering a question that has bothered long-time readers for a while - why did Barbara's best-friend, Alysia, disappear from her life for so long?

While the real-world reasons are well-known, Ayala's story gives a good in-universe reason for the sudden distance between the two friends and has the two reconnecting as Barbara tries to deal with the reemergence of an old enemy without blowing her secret identity. It's a fun bit of farce and the artwork by Green Arrow artist Eleonora Carlini and colorist Mat Lopes does not disappoint.

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