Sunday, April 23, 2017

Aquaman #21 - A Review

The  substance called "Strange Water" - dubbed H2 Point O by the US Navy - has revealed more mysteries to Aquaman and Mera. Responding to their powers - and seemingly irresponsible for the creation of the monster called Dead Water - the substance seems to have come from some manner of underwater gateway. Unfortunately, this revolution discovery may soon be spoiled by the couple's so-called allies...

With Aquaman #21, Dan Abnett shifts gears yet again, entering into the realm of pure science-fiction after two issues of horror. It's a good change, however, and the script has the same spirit as a top-notch Doctor Who episode. The artwork is equally varied and memorable. Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher and Gabe Eltaeb are each delivering some of the best work in their careers. This is one book every comic fan should be reading!

Final Analysis: 8 out of 10.

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