Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #18 - A Review

It turns out that Doreen Green's new wealthy mentor - Melissa with the power to talk to all animals - is evil! Which, really, isn't all that shocking. Old, rich people who have a more developed version of your powers who appear out of nowhere and offer to help you out always turn out to be evil in the end.  Seriously!  Remember Ezekiel and Spider-Man and how all that ended?

Oh. Probably not. Because they decided that none of those comics ever happened. Except for the ones that needed to have happened for Morlun to exist so that Spiderverse could exist. And the ones where Gwen Stacy had a one-night-stand with Norman Osborn and had his freaky goblin babies in secret. That's still canon, for some reason.

Man. The Marvel Universe kinda sucks...

Regardless of the Marvel Universe sucking - especially if you're Peter Parker - this comic does not suck. It is, in fact, awesome, and you should be reading it!

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