Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Injustice: Ground Zero #23 - A Review

The battle to save the Earth of Injustice continues!  The tide turns when the still-noble Superman of another world arrives to aid the Insurgency. Yet when this Superman is ambushed by a mind-controlled Doomsday, who will save the savior?

Who do you think? She's only been narrating the whole story so far! Yeesh!

Much like in last week's review, I have to question Tom Derenick being tapped for the art duties on this issue. Derenick is a fine artist but his talents are best spent on close-combat and conversations. As a result, the epic, large-scale battles depicted in most of this issue look sloppy and off-model.

Christopher Sebela's story remains on point, however, and thank goodness for it! Harley's journey from hench-wench to hero in this reality has been an engaging one and it's a real treat to see her step-up to be what the world needs, as it is needed. I just wish we saw more of this smart, heart-felt Harley in the real DCU.

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