Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Year Two #15 - An Advanced Review/Preview

The Doctor's plan to take comic creators Sonny and Val off on a tour of the Universe was all going so well... until they landed on a planet of Mindmorphs intent on stealing their minds! Will the creative duo be able to channel their talents in order to save the Doctor? Or is this partnership, and the minds of all on the planet, beyond saving?

The first thought I had upon reading this issue was "Oh, so this is The Doctor vs. the giant brains from Futurama?" The second thought I had upon reading this issue was, "Holy crap! That's awesome! The Doctor is fighting the giant brains from Futurama!"

In fairness, the idea of intelligence-draining aliens has been a standard science-fiction trope for years as has the idea of human ingenuity overcoming alien logic. Robbie Morrison's script for this issue may not be the most unique Doctor Who has ever seen. What it lacks in originality, however, it more than makes up for in wit and execution. It's a fun read, plain and simple.

Rachael Stott's artwork helps contribute to that exciting aura of enjoyment. Her pencils and character designs are as bold and bright as The Doctor himself, made bolder still by Rod Fernandes' colors. Hopefully they'll continue to hang around for Year Three because this is one fantastic-looking book!

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