Monday, March 27, 2017

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #11 - A Preview/Review

The Hesguard Institute is the most secure facility of its kind. Located in the heart of a time storm, is is all but impossible to reach without a specially shielded ship and even harder to escape. Not that its inmates - who include the most violent and criminally insane minds known to humanity - have any desire to escape. Not since the development of The Bad Wolf Process, which purges the negative emotions from their minds. Of course one of their inmates - a murderer with multiple personalities known only as The Doctor - is proving far more resistant than any other subject they've treated.

What happened to The Doctor? How did he come to be arrested for the murder of his companion, UNIT Agent Tara Mishra, in 53rd Century deep space? Can Rose Tyler - now masquerading as an official conducting a surprise inspection - rescue him? And what of the mysterious Sin-Eaters - the "blank" beings that take on the negative traits of the treated?

Cavan Scott has done it again! This issue's story hooked me from the first page and left me wanting for more at the last. Scott's scripts are equaled only by the artwork of Cris Bolson, who perfectly captures the likenesses of the actors and presents the action of the issue in all its splendor and horror. Both creators - along with colorist Marco Lesko - have captured the essence of the Ninth Doctor era of Doctor Who and present their tale masterfully.

This first chapter of Sin-Eaters is a perfect entry point to the series for those Whovians who have yet to give the comic-based adventures of The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler a try. I'd advise against those unfamiliar with the show making this their first Doctor Who comic to read - there's a little too much assumption that the reader knows certain facts regarding The Doctor's previous lives - but long time fans of the show will love this issue!

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #11 releases on March 29, 2016. 
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