Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pathfinder: Worldscape #5 - A Review

The warrior Valeros and priestess Kyra have been reunited in the cells of the Empress Camilla's arena, Their newfound allies - Red Sonja and John Carter - stand ready to lead a rebellion against the Empress and the dark forces allied with her. Yet Kyra is troubled by the revelation that Merisiel - their party's rogue and her lover - stands among Camilla's inner circle...

It would have been a simple matter to throw together a fantastic epic utilizing the world of the Pathfinder roleplaying game and Dynamite Comics' rich stable of pulp heroes. Thankfully, Erik Mona chose a more challenging path in writing this story. It's thrilling enough as a fantasy tale yet the heart of the story lies in the interactions between the various characters. It's as amusing watching the hard-drinking and harder-loving Valeros and Sonja play off of each other as it is touching to see John Carter in a rare reflective mood as he speaks of romance with Kyra.

Jonathan Lau's art proves a perfect pairing with Mona's story. He draws a damn fine action sequence yet instills even the most basic scenes of two people having a conversation with a sense of motion. Omi Remlante's colors are well chosen throughout, with interesting gradient effects used to simulate torchlight also aiding the appearance of the completed artwork.

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