Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Injustice: Ground Zero #20 - A Review

The Joker is subdued but his Joker Clan is still running loose in Gotham City. With Batman and the parallel Earth Justice League focused on bringing down the tyrant Superman after his vicious murder of Lex Luthor, it will fall to Harley Quinn to save her city. But she isn't fighting alone...

With this series, Christopher Sebela has written the best Harley Quinn focused story in the last decade. He interjects a few good bits into the subplot taken directly from the Injustice game (I particularly like Aquaman offering to let Green Arrow ride one of his giant shellfish friends as a consolation.) but Injustice: Ground Zero has been Harley's tale from start to finish. Much as I'm looking forward to Tom Taylor's Injustice 2 book, I'll be sad to see this story end.

Miguel Mendonca joins Daniel Sampere on the art duties this time around. Their styles clash but thankfully both artists are individually devoted to different subplots so the sudden changes in the art are not as distracting at they might have been. This is my first time viewing Mendoca's work and it is quite good, as are the inks and colors by regular creators Juan Albarran and  J. Nanjan.

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