Sunday, February 12, 2017

Batgirl And The Birds of Prey #7 - A Review

Barbara has moved into her clock-tower digs but she finds herself beset by burglars. What's weirder is that her burglars are also her realtors! As Dinah and Helena go undercover and get a crash-course in the housing market of Gotham City, Barbara and the new Oracle start investigating just what makes Babs' loft such a hot property.

I've always enjoyed stories and series like Damage Control and Common Grounds that looked at the realities of life in a world full of super-powered beings. Those of a like mind will enjoy Batgirl And The Birds of Prey #7 simply for the sequences of realtors trying to sell "unique fixer-uppers" where the previous tenant may have been a former super-villain. Beyond that, this issue is still an excellent character study of the personalities of the various Birds and a wonderful one-shot story for new readers to utilize in gauging the series as a whole.

The artwork is a little off this month. Claire Roe is a fine artist but some of her character poses in this issue seem forced and unnatural. The opening action sequence, with a new villain called The Zodiac Master, seems rushed and cramped though the rest of the issues' action scenes work perfectly fine. The colors, however, are fantastic throughout.

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